How to Learn Abacus Maths Learning Classes through Games?
Abacus Maths Game-Based Learning

How to Learn Abacus Maths through Games?

The importance of learning has transcended through every generation. In today’s world that’s becoming more literate, quick learning is the key to unlocking growth. In the last couple of decades, we’ve also seen drastic shifts in teaching pedagogies. However, today’s competitive world presents a unique challenge for learners. Compared to the 2000s, where single-subject proficiency was considered enough, learners today must be proficient in multiple subjects. That’s why game based Abacus maths learning classes in Nagpur and game based learning classes in Thane need to implement the new form of Abacus.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the subject of maths. In a world governed by technology, maths posits itself as one of the most critical STEM subjects. However, this subject requires an innate level of understanding to be mastered. To impart the same, the best institute for youth learning has launched the world’s first how to learn Abacus maths course for game based maths learning.

What is Game Based Learning?

Game based maths learning may seem like quite a foreign term. However, it is one of the most relevant concepts of 2023. Extensive research has proven that learning modules that are designed like games help boost student engagement and information retention.

The way it works is learners are presented with maths problems in the form of a game. The game will consist of levels (like seen in candy crush and other quick arcade games). Upon passing each level, the learner earns a certain number of reward points, gets to access new levels, and also can use their reward points to unlock new rewards.

Hence, if you’re wondering how to learn Abacus maths, this system can be beneficial for you.

Why is It Important for Abacus Maths Learning?

Game based learning, as opposed to traditional methods, offers multiple benefits at a go:

Game-based Maths learning helps boost learning insights in learners, allowing them to absorb more information with little effort.
⦁ It helps learners engage with learning in a familiar environment, such as on their smartphones, laptops, PCs and more.
⦁ Game-based Maths learning helps break down complex concepts making them easy to interpret for the learners. Hence it improves the time taken to understand and absorb concepts.
⦁ Game-based Maths learning boosts learners’ creativity by stimulating a higher receptivity to learning. Implementing this teaching pedagogy at the best game based learning classes in Thane ensures learners can think out of the box as well.
⦁ Since it simulates real-world challenges, it improves the application knowledge of the learners. For instance, solving maths problems just as maths problems is out of context. However, teaching a child to count potatoes and calculate the cart value at the market is realistic and helps learners easily recognise familiar situations for applying the subject. Hence, such abacus course can be used by the best game based Abacus maths learning classes in Nagpur.
Thus, our answer to the question of how to learn Abacus maths is game based learning.

Hence, if you’re a parent intent on helping your child learn Abacus maths, you can check out game based learning classes in Thane and game based Abacus maths learning classes in Nagpur. The British Youth International College hosts the world’s first game based learning program for Abacus maths. Having years of experience teaching Abacus maths, this institute has developed a revolutionary program to help significantly boost learning. Check out their website to learn more about the course.

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