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How did the Abacus change the world?

Abacus is a calculation tool that has been used in China for about 2,000 years. It is still alive today! Not just China but the entire world is now leveraging the Abacus for accurate and fast numerical calculations. Today, more and more parents are enrolling their kids in Abacus classes to boost their calculation skills. However, have you ever wondered how the Abacus changed the world? If not, it is time to get some detailed insights. Here are some of the ways the Abacus has brought about significant changes in the world.

Abacus: Empowering Minds and Changing the World

  • Mental Calculations

Earlier people used the fingers of their hands and toes to make calculations. For calculating larger quantities, twigs, pebbles, and sea shells were used. The introduction of the Abacus made calculation much easier by helping people do the calculations mentally. Through the Abacus maths online classes, you can learn to perform mental calculations without any physical objects. As a result, reaching accurate solutions to numerical problems became easy and fast. 

  • Cranmer Abacus

The discovery of the Abacus has also made it easy for visually-impaired people to learn mathematics. The Abacus specifically designed for visually-impaired people is known as the Cranmer Abacus. It allows individuals to visualize the different numbers mentally and perform calculations. Apart from simple counting, individuals can also perform complex mathematical calculations with the use of the Cranmer Abacus.

  • Teaches Several Mathematical Operations

Abacus has made it possible to learn several mathematical operations through a single device. From simple subtraction and addition to skip counting, kids can learn everything through the Abacus classes. Moreover, multiplication and division on the Abacus are also possible. The evolution of the Abacus has made learning mathematics quite simple and easy for individuals.

  • Makes People Smarter

Another way in which the abacus has changed the world is by making people smarter. Learning Abacus allows individuals to solve complex mathematical problems in much less time. Besides that, it also helps improve other important skills like logical thinking, creative skills, and critical thinking. So, if you want your children to become smart and stand out in the competitive era, enrolling them in the Abacus classes can help.

  • Makes Mathematics Fun

Mathematics was only so much fun and enjoyable after the emergence of the Abacus. In fact, it was quite difficult and hard to comprehend. That is why teaching maths was quite challenging. However, with the introduction of the Abacus, mathematics became quite enjoyable for children. Now no longer maths is boring and dull for little minds. The colourful beads and the unique way of teaching maths have made the subject fun for young learners. As the Abacus resembles a toy, it attracts most kids and encourages them to learn mathematics.


Now that you know how Abacus has changed the world, you must be willing to enroll your child in the Abacus classes. Are you in search of a reputed platform? If yes, BYITC is the name you can always trust.  BYITc Abacus Maths classes in Mumbai and Pune are available for interested students.  Enroll your kids in the Abacus classes and allow them to learn mathematics in a fun and engaging manner. Contact the experts today!  

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