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Exceptional Abacus Tutors From  British Youth International College

When kids come to learn Abacus in BYITC, we make sure that they are placed with appropriate Abacus tutors. We believe that a good relationship between the teacher and the kid is important for the proper learning of the Abacus. Hence, at the onset, our focus is on providing excellent Abacus tutoring. We concentrate on making sure that the students and the corresponding Abacus Maths tutors make for a perfect match that help the students to get hold of Abacus easily.

Once the same is achieved, Abacus learning becomes easy and interesting. Our Abacus Maths tutors are specially trained to introduce the concept of the Abacus gradually to the kids. They are made proficient in all the key Abacus-training methods provided by us.

Our biggest achievement is the exclusive Web-application that we have developed. This app is unique and exceptionally interactive. Thus, it benefits both our students and our Abacus tutors. Its instructor led-approach is ideal for enhancing the uniform development of both sides of the brain. This app along with our Abacus tutors provide kids with step-by-step guidance to:

  • Understand the physical tool
  • Perfect the finger technique
  • Mentally visualise the abacus and solve complex calculations

So, if you are looking for best Abacus training centres, Google Abacus tutors near me. From the number of options you get, select the British Youth International College (BYITC) and register your child’s name with us.

Training of teachers

The app we use is unique and developed to suit the Abacus curriculum and teaching methods we follow. Hence, Abacus tutors recruited by us need to be given formal training in using this app. This helps in-app usage maximisation thereby providing kids with a superlative Abacus learning experience.

If you are searching online Abacus tutors near me, remember the leading institutes like BYITC has world-class teaching faculties. Our teacher’s training program is exclusive and pays special attention to ensuring that they attain:

  • Proficiency of usage for our customised Abacus learning App
  • Exceptional and in-depth tutoring expertise
  • Improved ability to judge the capabilities of the kids
  • Required knowledge and skills to provide proper feedback to the parents

To ensure that we deliver on the promise of providing kids with the best learning experience, we choose the best quality of candidates. We also prioritise providing these candidates with the highest quality of training. When these trained Abacus tutors ultimately start teaching the kids the classes are converted into high productivity zones yet the kids also have fun at the same time.

We differ from the traditional methods of teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication division, fractions, decimal calculations, BODMAS etc. This is the precise reason that our Abacus tutorsneed to undergo such specialised training. Providing kids with a way to perfecting their mathematical, cognitive and motor skills is our motto. It constantly keeps us on our toes and encourages us to develop methods that can make abacus learning better for the kids.

What we offer will benefit your kid throughout his life. But, you have to act fast and ensure that you enrol your kids at BYITC at the earliest! Planning for enrolling your child in the top Abacus learning institutes? Search online the best Abacus tuition near me and checkout the official website of the BYITC. Book a trial class to understand how our Abacus tutoring methodology can help your child prosper in studies and all the other aspects.


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