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Abacus Maths Game-Based Learning

How to Provide Game-Based Abacus Learning in Your Existing Tuition Center?

From Generation X to Generation Z, the world has seen drastic changes in learning models. Schools and institutions shifted from generic in-class theory to a more applied approach. Employing smart classes and audio-visual aids became standard practice as we hit the latter half of the 21st century’s first decade. However, the world changed beyond measure between 2012-2024, in the prime time of Generation Alpha children. Born into a technologically diverse environment, Generation Alpha needs a new learning style – gamified learning. Today, we’ll look into game based learning and how it changes the shape of Abacus maths for children of the new era.  We’ll also talk about how you can implement gamed based learning classes in Kanpur and gamed based abacus maths classes in Lucknow.

What is Gamification?

Game based learning is a unique style of learning that imparts information holding substantial educational value in the form of a game. It gained credibility after years of extensive research proving that it provides superior engagement compared to other learning methods. 

By applying game based learning strategies to teach courses like Abacus maths, gamification helps stimulate the hippocampal memory of young learners. This process allows them to store more information in their long-term memory easily. Additionally, gamification is also closely linked to an increase in dopamine levels. Dopamine is a unique neurotransmitter that’s linked to learning because it helps improve learners’ focus and concentration. 

World’s First Gamified Abacus Learning

One of the leading global institutes dedicated to teaching Abacus maths has launched a unique gamified Abacus maths program. The program takes on an intuitive approach to engage learners in game based learning of Abacus maths. Using this technique gamed based learning classes in Kanpur and gamed based abacus maths learning classses in Lucknow can easily implement a strong abacus programme. The speciality of this course is as follows:

  • Digital Games – The course uses a plethora of digital games to guide the learners through the different stages of learning. Hence, the course starts with basic games and puzzles for players and keeps on becoming more complex as the learners keep progressing. Thus, it can help students in a gamed based learning classes in Kanpur accelerate their mathematical prowess quickly.
  • Multi-fold Learning Stimulation – A multi-fold learning platform stimulates the mind of learners in different ways. The world’s first gamified Abacus maths course is made considering the ‘one ruler doesn’t fit all’ theory in mind. Hence, irrespective of having logical or creative prowess, learners always get access to the best learning. This is significant for students attending gamed based abacus maths learning classes in Lucknow and can help them grow significantly. 

Hence, the world’s best course brings together the ingenuity of Abacus maths, a subject known to heighten the intelligence of learners and the power of gamified learning to make it more engaging. 

Is India Ready for Gamified Abacus Learning?

India has some of the brightest global minds. Additionally, with a population distribution biased towards youngsters, India is all set to adopt this new approach. Thus, to set up game-based Abacus classes in Delhi and game based Abacus classes in Mumbai, you can get in touch with the British Youth International College. With years of experience in Abacus maths courses and unique teaching pedagogies, they offer the world’s first gamified Abacus course. 

Deploying gamified classes can significantly enhance learning efficiency and effectiveness in young learners of India. Early development of high intelligence can help them access better opportunities making them competitive with the global community. Visit the BYITC website today for more details regarding how the gamified Abacus maths course can help boost youth learning in India.

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