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Abacus Maths

30 Minutes Of Abacus A Day Will Power Your Kid’s Brain

The human brain is by far one of the most amazing instruments made by the Gods so far. Its powers are simply incalculable. To unlock the fullest possible potential of the human brain (as much as humanly possible), one needs to be trained right from childhood. Giving our brain proper exercise at the right time can significantly enhance its prospects and potential. Leading researchers in the field of mental enhancement proclaim that the Abacus for kids is a wonderful device that can help enhance the mental faculties of a child. Let us see how the Abacus Maths does this feat.

Abacus For Kids

What does the Use of an Abacus do to Your Kid’s Brain?

  • Sharpens the brain – Math itself is an excellent practice for sharpening the brain.The use of an Abacus hones a child’s skills in performing mathematical calculations, which, in effect, sharpens the child’s brain.
  • Improves speed and accuracy-The Abacus uses simple methods to help children develop speed and accuracy in solving math problems. Just for perspective, a well-trained Abacus student will most likely get the correct answer for a mathematical calculation 4-5 times faster than a calculator would.
  • Enhances logical reasoning-Children cannot just solve the four basic mathematical operations quickly on their own but even solve fractions, decimals, integers, and other mathematical concepts with the blink of an eye.
  • Triggers the faculty of creativity and imagination – The Abacus training has been known to activate the areas of the brain linked to creative potential and imagination, which otherwise remain dormant inside the brain.

Give Your Kid an Edge Over Others

For those who do not know what the Abacus is or how to use an Abacus for kids, it would be best to consider enrolling their kid in Abacus maths classes as early as possible. Investing as little as 30 minutes of your child’s time every day in Abacus training can help achieve all the aforementioned. Doing so will not only ensure enhanced mental skills and capabilities for the child but also a bright career ahead.

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