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To say that the Abacus Maths is used to calculate numbers only, would be a mistake. The Abacus and its derivative technique of Mental Maths cater to the importance of optimising the growth of the human brain and its functions. Additionally, the child develops confidence, masters arithmetic concepts and starts enjoying Maths.

Using the Abacus to learn the concepts of Abacus Maths is an efficient and proven exercise of the brain that pushes it to unbelievable potentials. It focuses on the skills of memory, concentration, analysis, visualisation and control. BYITC can help you unleash the genius in your child. Our strength is hidden in our state-of-the-art web application and concepts to help children as young as  4 years old to learn the techniques of Abacus Maths with ease.

abacus what we do

Activate the “Brain Power” of your Child with Britain’s No.1 Online Abacus Maths Classes. Present a lifetime gift that will make your child 5 times smarter.

What We Do

The way the world absorbs knowledge is changing at a lightning-fast speed. Traditional forms of studies now require digital reform to suit the need of the hour. At BYITC, we acknowledge this change by embracing all the key teaching methods of Abacus Maths in our online learning programs. We aim to recreate the future of education and promise to impart knowledge in an immensely interesting and engaging way to bring out the best in your child. The key is to enhance their innate qualities.

BYITC has rolled out the unique and extremely interactive Online Webapp with an instructor-led approach for the overall mental development of children while learning Abacus Maths. These online classes provide a systematic approach aimed at guiding students in visualising the Abacus in their minds and calculating sums faster than a calculator does!

We pay special attention to our teaching methods by standardising the teachers’ training. Teachers at BYITC are amply trained to offer exceptional in-depth Abacus Maths tutoring and feedback to each student. We promise to deliver the Best Abacus learning through the Best Teachers.

We prioritize the high quality of teachers’ training. Teachers at our Abacus maths classes are trained to offer in-depth tutoring and feedback to each student while making Maths learning fun.

Our course covers all aspects of Abacus Maths including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Decimal Addition, Decimal Subtraction, Decimal Multiplication and Decimal Division. We are proud to be the only institute  to cover decimal arithmetic. Moreover, Fractions, BODMAS, Percentage, Square Roots are also included. To sum up, arithmetic Maths is covered via Abacus Maths and Mental Maths.

Benefits Of Abacus


Learning Maths with fun and excitement


Deep focus and patience


Memory Development

confedence buliding

Confidence Building

brain developement

Brain development

mastering airthmetic

Mastering arithmetic


Sharpen concentration

What makes us standout?

BYITC Abacus Maths classes help kids to learn the Abacus techniques quickly & efficiently and develop deep concentration and patience within them.

  • Learning ContentContent is designed by highly qualified and experienced teachers, and periodically assessed and modified to stay up-to-date with the global education.
  • Global Presence, based in the UK Following the huge success of our Web app in the UK, Middle East, Australia and the USA, we are now introducing our course in India on popular demand.
  • Qualified and Trained TeachersWe heavily invest in teachers’ training to standardise the teaching techniques. All teachers are mandated to undergo suitable training not just to excel in the technique but also to identify and amplify the strengths and temper the weaknesses of each child.
  • Assessment Based on Levels, Weeks and Per DayWeekly feedback in addition to mid-level or end-level tests is provided. One-to-one or group-based assessments and attention is prioritised based on the child’s aptitude.
  • Overall Academic Excellence and Confidence
  • Online Web-Based Learning with a Live Instructor
  • Study at Whenever and Wherever You Want
  • Building Interpersonal and Social Skills of Children
  • Interactive and Learner Centric

Activate the “Brain Power” of Your Child with Britain’s No.1 Online Abacus Maths Classes. Present a lifetime gift that will make your child 5 times smarter.

Tracks of the course

  • Junior Track – Junior Track has 11 Levels.
  • Senior Track – Senior Track has 8 Levels.

Why ChooseBYITC

  • Our Vision

    To help young adults build the right learning foundations for a successful future & bringing back the fun in learning.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the best in class learning tools & experience to every student in an interactive & creative environment. We believe in creating & imparting the right content tailored to the requirements of our students.

  • Our Values

    Founded by a mother and an educator, BYITC believes in nurturing kids to exceed their full learning potential.

    • BBest in class
    • YYouth
    • IInnovative
    • TTeamwork
    • CCaring
  • Our Strategy

    We break up our program into terms throughout the year and each term consists of approximately 12 classes taught over 3 months. Each class is upto 2 hours long and there are multiple schedules to choose from. This allows your child to learn easily, effectively, and focus on their program to the best of their ability. If you would like to know more about our program or like to enroll your child in our program, please contact us.

Our Offerings

finger theory

The Abacus technique cannot be fully grasped without learning Finger Theory first. It is an important part of developing an Abacus mindset. In this method, children learn to quickly calculate sums up to 99 using their fingers and special combinations. Using the Abacus is taught alongside the Finger Theory. Hence, both techniques complement each other’s learnings.


Most people have heard of an Abacus but very few truly understand its usage and power. The technique itself is over a thousand years old but that hasn’t hampered its wide usage in India, China and other parts of the world.


Using the Abacus is an efficient and proven exercise to the brain, pushing it to unbelievable potential. It focuses on the skills of memory, concentration, analysis, visualisation and control. Thus, the technique encourages the brain to visualise arithmetic sums in the mind and calculate them much faster and more accurately than the traditional methods of solving sums.

Mastering Arithmetic

The speed at which children can calculate arithmetic sums after they understand the Abacus technique is truly amazing. The earlier levels of our curriculum include standard addition and subtraction sums but eventually, more complex operations such as Square Roots, Fractions or Long Divisions are taught in the higher levels.

mental theory

The most challenging but the most impressive stage of the technique is when our students learn to use the Mental Theory. We teach them to visualise the Abacus in their minds. This is where the real strength and utility of the Abacus comes in, allowing them to carry out huge calculations mentally much faster using no tool, only the mind.


abacus teacher training programme

Abacus Teacher Training Program


Abacus Math Challenge Summer/Winter


Dhruv Maheshwari's Seminar

byitc invetors

BYITC Inventors(Calling all young minds)


Abacus Maths is an ancient technique that helps children learn to calculate faster than a calculator.  Initially, the child starts calculating using their fingers, then they start using the abacus tool and in the final stage, they start visualizing the abacus tool in their mind and calculate using mental Maths.

Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculations carried out by the mind using mental power, without using any physical or external instruments such as a computer, calculator, paper or pencil, or even fingers. Most people have heard of mental arithmetic and possibly carry out basic sums in their head, during various daily life situations. Our students learn to go far beyond this into realms that seem almost impossible to imagine.

Maths will become fun, not just a subject, but something that is enjoyed as a hobby. Our students can give you answers at the same time, or even faster than an electronic calculator.

Abacus Maths helps children to learn their school Maths with speed and accuracy and improve their general concentration. Our student’s teachers are often amazed at the speed at which they can carry out mental arithmetic. However, learning abacus is not only limited to mathematical skills development but has shown overall mind expansion in day-to-day life as well, enhancing creativity and imagination with all-around academic excellence.

Yes, homework is given for six days of the week. It is a mental Maths development program and children are required to devote at least 15 minutes of practice every day with strict regularity. This is required for children to reach their maximum potential and become masterminds.

Learning abacus is a real-lifetime achievement and can be applied to progress a career in any stream, but especially in areas like Engineering, Research, Teaching, IT, Accountancy and Finance, Banking, Marketing, and Economics.

Mental Theory

What People Say About BYITC

Krishna Nair

Krishna Nair
Abacus has immensely increased Krishna’s love for numbers and we greatly appreciate the whole team who have made it such a fun experience for her.

Tarun Vusikala

Tarun Vusikala
Thank you Rashmi and all the abacus Maths team for helping with making learning Maths more interesting and joyful. Online classes, especially during the current pandemic are an absolute blessing.

Srihitha Santosh

Srihitha Santosh
Srihitha has started to love math with the help of the abacus. She challenges herself to do well which has improved her speed and ability to solve problems.

Pushkal & Lohith Chandra Bodla

Pushkal & Lohith Chandra Bodla
Tutors have given their best to train my kids over the months. Happy we have chosen this. It's been a while since I have given a testimonial and this one is worth every penny.


BYITC is doing a great job in getting the kids to a good confidence level. Even in the online classes, they're giving individual attention to every child…Taking the level of education to a greater level!!

Samarth Kesthur

Samarth Kesthur
Abacus helped Samarth to become faster & accurate in Maths. The courses improved his problem-solving skills, which helped in boosting his confidence.

Kieran Singh

Kieran Singh
Kieran has benefited a lot from abacus as he is now capable of doing large sums in a small amount of time. He is also great at his time-tables and thanks to Abacus, Kieran finds math a lot easier in school.

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