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Abacus Maths

How can Abacus be Taught at Home?

In ancient times, when calculators and computers were not there, people used pebbles for calculation. Over the time, the ways of calculation evolved. Eventually, Abacus came into existence. It is an ancient calculation tool that uses movable beads build in a frame to perform mathematical operations. Abacus tutors use it to teach kids mathematics and calculation at home.

Abacus at Home

At present, we do have multiple devices available for calculation. But the result that Abacus provides in helping kids understand mathematics is unmatchable. Using this tool, one can learn all the mathematic calculations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, decimal calculation, BODMAS, roots etc. Abacus covers whole arithmetic part of mathematics.

By looking at the efficiency of the Abacus, most parents prefer Abacus for making their kids learn mental maths. But the problem is that they do not know how to teach Abacus at home. Well, you need not worry now. Currently, we have multiple sources available that make Abacus learning easily at home. From Abacus tutorials to Abacus tutors, you can try any source for learning Abacus. Below, we are sharing multiple ways through which you will know how to teach Abacus at home.

Abacus at Home: Take the help of online Abacus tutorials

Many websites provide free and paid Abacus tutorials online. Several Abacus video tutorials are also available on YouTube. However, most of these tutorials are helpful only for learning beginner-level Abacus. You can purchase paid tutorials from different websites to learn advanced-level Abacus. Most Abacus tutorials provide crisp and precise information and are suitable for practical learning.

Abacus at Home: Look for Abacus classes

In most cities, you can find Abacus classes by searching Abacus classes near me on the internet. You can check out the best Abacus class available in your city and can enroll for it. By taking the help of Abacus classes, one can make their kids learn Abacus with proper guidance. Do check whether they are teaching Abacus from the beginner level or not. A basic understanding of the Abacus is essential for learning mathematics calculations using it. Also, in todays digitalised world, you should also check if the institute is having an Abacus teaching application or software which can add to student’s learning.

Buy Abacus Books

Abacus books had been used to learn mathematics concepts from a long time. You will find multiple books on Abacus learning and Abacus concepts. These books contain information from beginner to advanced levels. You may find it time-consuming to use books for learning and practicing Abacus. The biggest problem with books are that they still need someone expert in the subject or a tutor to explain the concepts. It’s not easy for kids to understand the concepts from books. Books are also not considered best in engaging the small children. So, we will suggest to not be dependent on books if you look forward for the best learning for your children.

Hire Abacus Tutors

The way you searched for Abacus classes near me, similarly look for the tutor. Learning Abacus with the help of a tutor will help children understand better. Even if they get stuck on any concept, they can always seek help from Abacus tutor. You can check on tutoring websites and portals, as many Abacus tutors are available there. Check their certification, experience in teaching Abacus, and reviews before hiring any.

Abacus learning App

Now a days, it’s a digital world and we do most of the stuffs on internet through our mobile devices. It gives us better quality and flexibility to take services online. So why not look for an Abacus learning application? Search for Abacus learning App on your phone’s marketplace or google it and you can find an application which can teach Abacus to your children. 

The Abacus learning App will have Video tutorials and practice interface so children can learn Abacus efficiently. With all these multiple options available, you need not worry about teaching Abacus at home. But remember that these sources will only be helpful if you practice constantly. Abacus Maths requires discipline and proper practice to learn efficiently. British Youth International College’s Abacus Maths online and offline classes are now available in Faridabad and Ghaziabad for students. We invite the parents to take the first step towards making their children confident with Maths.

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