Research Validates Abacus Method of Learning Maths

Research Validates Abacus Method of Learning Maths

Associate professor of University of Chicago, Dr. James Stigler, wrote his thesis about abacus study. According to his research 50 children from a non abacus institute of an average IQ were taken against other 50 children from an abacus institute. The memory tests were taken on visual memory scale. And guess what the results has shown – That the Abacus learners had 200% better memory than the non abacus learners.

Abacus Maths taught in UK and Worldwide Super Maths Academy have always been based on the Abacus Maths online learning. We believe this method is the absolute best way to learn maths, based on scientific research that validates the methodology. Kids who learn maths using the abacus method performed better in many areas of life.

The abacus method works so well that we are now planning to begin offering our Children’s Abacus Maths Classes online. That’s right, now children who are not local to Glasgow can still learn this tremendous method irrespective of their geographic location. And even if you live locally but do not have the ability to get to our learning centre, your child can still study online and start learning maths in Glasgow or anywhere else.

Abacus Method Basics

The Abacus Maths online learning is a system of mental calculation based on visualising an abacus. The abacus itself is an ancient tool consisting of several rows of beads grouped in tens and mounted on a frame. Maths calculations are made by sliding beads back and forth to represent the various numbers in the calculation.

Though abaci have been around for thousands of years, very few people actually own one. That’s not a problem. The abacus method doesn’t require your child to physically handle one of these ancient instruments. We teach children to visualise the abacus in their heads, then use their fingers to manipulate the imaginary beads.


Benefits of the Abacus Method

This article began by asserting that there is research validating the abacus maths online learning. One such study conducted by a number of American researchers from the University of California, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Skidmore College confirm that the abacus method does two things.

First, it significantly boosts maths skills by teaching students to visualise calculations rather than merely memorising them. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the abacus method has long-lasting effects on a person’s thought processes.

Another study out of Japan’s Shinshu University offers similar evidence. That study showed a number of benefits of the abacus method, including the following:

  • Numerical Memory – Learning to do maths on an abacus makes it easier for students to memorise rather long numbers. The study demonstrated that nine-digit memorisation was fairly easy for students
  • Problem-Solving Skills – The abacus method improves problem-solving skills, both in maths and other areas of life. The method teaches children to think through problems logically.
  • Rapid Calculations – Learning maths with the abacus method equips a student to do rapid calculations without the need for electronic devices or writing instruments. All calculations are performed in the head by visualising the abacus.
  • Critical Thinking – The skills learned in the abacus method make students better at critical thinking in other areas of life. They are better able to conceptualise all sorts of challenges. They think through solutions and reach conclusions more easily.

It has been our experience that the abacus method does a few other things as well. For starters, it is one of the best confidence-building tools in education. Children who do well at maths tend to have more confidence in other areas of study. And the better they do in school, the more that confidence carries over to areas outside of the classroom.

We are thrilled to begin offering online Abacus Maths taught in UK and Worldwide and around the world. If you are looking for a maths course that will teach your child the fundamentals of maths as well as in brain development, confidence building, and problem-solving skills, this is the course your child needs.

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