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Digital Games – An Innovative Approach To Learning

Learning is a perpetual phenomenon. As long as our five senses interact with the world outside,learning constantly happens, with or without our realization. It is, therefore, natural to ask whether or not this incessant phenomenon of learning could be made lasting so that we, human beings, could absorb more of what is useful for us and retain it for longer. Well, the sure-fire way to accomplish this is to make learning more fun and engaging. Kids, for whom learning is a highly essential formative process of life, the best way to make learning more fun and interesting is to base it on playful activities such as games – game based learning, as it is popularly known. Let us explore the various facets of game based learning and delve into some of the most popular game based learning platforms.

1. Online game-based platforms to build cognitive abilities in children

A number of digital learning platforms operate on the principles of experiential learning and impart knowledge through game-based learning and gamification. This approach does not just develop cognitive abilities in kids but also helps build analytical and collaborative thinking in them. Besides, it has also been found to be highly conducive to ameliorating the logical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities in children.

2. Abacus Maths-based games and applications to enhance children’s acumen in Mathematics

and college levels, the working knowledge of mathematics is always going to come in handy. The Abacus tool is an effective resource for making tedious mathematical calculations easy. To accustom children to using the Abacus mentally (without there being the actual physical Abacus tool) and perform mathematical calculations faster, Abacus Math based game platforms have gained traction lately.

Search for the best Abacus Institute to hone your kid’s Math skills

The Abacus tool has traditionally been known and used for performing mathematical calculations faster. While it always aids students in honing their math skills, the digital form of the Abacus delivers exceptional results. Therefore, to enrol your child in Abacus Maths classes, always go in for an institute that focuses on the Abacus game based learning approach as this approach holds the true potential to unlock your child’s hidden Mathematical genius.

Digital learning platforms based on games – A paradigm shift in learning for kids

In today’s digital erawherein man’s technological prowess has progressed by leaps and bounds, game based learning platforms have revolutionized the domain of learning through game. Various digital educational platforms based on interactive media such as games, videos, applications etc.are available, which offer courses based on the current school curriculum. Different game-based platforms are also available, each of which provides a unique methodology that stimulates the learning capabilities of a child and builds different abilities in children’s brains.The two most popular learning platforms that engage children like no other resource does are-