Walk through of the world’s 1st Abacus Maths E-learning Web Application

Majority of great and successful businesses start with someone creating a product out of passion and necessity, with business being an epiphenomenon.

BYITC Supermaths team is indeed passionate, and with the new digital era, there was a need of fully functional and rich featured Abacus Maths E-Learning software. We started developing this software couple of years ago, however present circumstances speeded up and resulted into fully working Abacus Maths Web Application.

There have been thousands of counting devices across the human history that enabled merchants and businessmen across the globe to calculate large numbers. Between fingers, pebbles calculators and computers, there is one device that still stands the test of millennia.

The Abacus is widely accepted as the most versatile tool to train your brain for mathematical calculations involving huge numbers. The Abacus method of calculations, first seen in ancient Egyptian civilization, is the fastest way humanly possible to calculate any mathematical problem. With the advancement of internet technologies, students can now make use of British Youth International College’s Abacus Maths E-Learning Software to learn to use this ingenious method.

Abacus Maths E-learning Software for your kids

There was never a better time to make your kids learn this skill because today, a lot of learning can be done online at the comfort of your home. British Youth International Collegs’s Abacus Maths E-Learning modules are simple, have a friendly user interface and are quite intuitive to use. They create a learning environment that fosters learning and kids enjoy working on their screens. The best minds are used and professionals come together to build a learning module and the abacus software so that your child gets only the best that there is to offer.

Whether it is addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, with hundreds of animated examples and a wide array of learning sheets, the Abacus Maths E-Learning Software makes it easy for your child to grasp the concepts and apply them to the real-world problems.

Walkthrough of the Abacus Maths E-learning Web Application

The following steps will help you understand the software:

Register on the website online

You will get your free trial login credentials instantly

Login into your account with the credentials

Watch the video

Click on My Work to start learning

Start with your Classwork

Complete your practice sheets in Homework

Access your progress reports in the My Reports section

Ask questions to support anytime

You can always go to the help section to understand how to run various functionalities.

Benefits of Abacus Maths E-learning Software

The Abacus Maths E-Llearning Software, like the one by British Youth International College BYITC International, enable kids to develop far better memory, analysis skills, concentration, visualization and control over senses than other average kids of their age. Abacus Maths E-Learning benefits the students and the teacher alike:

When kids can do complex calculations in their minds itself, they don’t just get better at mathematics alone, their ability to process information, take decision, evaluate the situation expands beyond the capacities of a normal child. They become an intelligent adult, capable of handling the most difficult situation that life can throw at them.

It has been proven through science that Abacus mental arithmetic enable the children to utilize the unused right side of their brain thus, giving them an edge over others with just half hour of daily practice. Your child can develop numerous abilities that other kids miss out through Abacus Maths E-Learning. All you need to do is point them in the right direction and who knows your child might become a prodigy.

The kids get instant test results for assignments

All their homework and classwork can be accessed in a single portal

Weekly reports provide parents with updates on progress made by the children

Teachers can assess their students quickly

Homework corrections and evaluation based on that

Automated report cards for individual student and for teachers to use

Great visuals and animations that help drive the point easily

Pre-E-scheduled assignment allocation

Auto evaluation of the students’ assignments