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Learning Abacus Maths is Shaping Mathematical Thinking – How?

We should understand that learning abacus maths for kids is great. Abacus is quite easy and fun to learn if you have
the right people around you. BYITC has established their abacus learning in a fun and engaging
manner. Games based systems help the students to not only gauge the concepts but also practise
the questions happily.

Reasons Why Learning Abacus Maths is Shaping Mathematical Thinking

Concrete Number Sense: The abacus gives a visual representation of numbers and an opportunity
for manipulating them. It makes difficult concepts like addition or subtraction more understandable
when kids can touch the beads and see their values change.

Increasing in Mental Calculation: Kids who regularly use abacus tend to be able to solve complex
maths problems in their heads quickly with practice. This is why learning abacus maths is useful as
they can answer mathematical questions faster and more accurately without needing paper or a

Concentration Skills: A child needs to focus when using this device. By moving beads around while
solving problems their attention to detail will increase over time which helps not only with maths
but all subjects at school. Abacus for kids can help in building focus and concentration skills
Logical Thinking Skills: When solving arithmetic problems using an abacus, children learn step by
step procedures. They can understand how solutions can be drawn out.

Creating a Good Base: This introduction of this can build a strong foundation in maths for those who
start learning abacus maths early. Later, when more advanced mathematical subjects are tackled,
they will perform better if they know the basics properly. Consequently, wider and deeper
knowledge of the subject is created.

How Learning Abacus for Maths Helps Kids Overall

Building Confidence in Mathematics: Learning abacus maths can help improve learners’ self-
assurance in the subject. They feel good about themselves each time they solve a problem or
understand a concept related to it. In addition, their optimism towards new challenges is boosted as

Fun and Interactive Maths: Mathematics becomes enjoyable and practical if an abacus is
incorporated into calculations. Instead of just writing numbers on paper, kids get to manipulate
beads which makes the learning process more interesting for them. Such a hands-on approach also
reduces fear of the subject among learners at this level.

The use of abacuses facilitates multi-sensory learning. When used, learners see, touch and move
beads which stimulate various senses simultaneously. Consequently, this method can teach

mathematical concepts effectively because different children have different styles through which
they understand things best.

The main aim is to ensure that these kids do not only get to know arithmetic but also have fun while
at it. It transforms learning from just being a routine activity into something more interesting where
every move of a bead counts towards making them self-assured individuals in mathematics who are
skilled and passionate as well. Learning abacus maths is a smart move to understand maths even
better especially when started early.

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