English Speaking Course for Beginners

British Youth International college is delighted to offer its course, English speaking course for beginners, to all those aspiring to start their English-speaking journeys by enrolling in the best English speaking course available. Drawing from our research and experience, we will be providing the best English speaking course twice a week, beginning from personal introductions, all the way to sitting for interviews.

Our spoken English course for beginners is specially tailored according to the needs of those who have not had any sort of formal English background. Throughout this 20-week English speaking course for beginners, we will be teaching, encouraging, and assessing your speaking skills to enable you to build your confidence to speak in public. While this English speaking course for beginners is primarily focused on the speaking skills of the language, we will be offering complimentary sessions and resources on reading, grammar, and vocabulary building. Such complimentary offerings make our course the best English speaking course online.

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What English Speaking Course for Beginners offers?

Improvement in English speaking skills of the learners

Live Online Spoken English Classes from Britain’s Leading Institute

2 sessions each week

Small & interactive batches (Up to 5 students each batch)

What does this course focus upon?

Improvement in spoken English skills

Interview skills

Grammar and English rules

Confidence building

Accent and pronunciation improvement

Public Speaking

Tone and voice modulation training

Group Discussion

Who is this course for?

The English speaking course for beginners is designed for those who want to learn and improve their speaking skills for a variety of reasons.

Search for the best spoken English classes near me and get access to a vibrant teaching pedagogy that facilitates and helps you:

  • Learn phonetics and pronunciations
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Improve confidence while speaking English
  • Get involved in discussions at work or social circles
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Improve listening skills
  • Improve your presentation style
  • … and much more

Courses & levels

British Youth International College offers 2 speaking courses to meet learner’s needs. A linguistic level test will be conducted before you start the best English speaking course to place you on the course most appropriate to your skills and requirements.

Our courses are designed over 2 levels to meet the needs of individual learners:

  • Course 1- English speaking course for beginners: : 20 weeks
  • Course 2- Intermediate Speakers: 16 weeks

What will you study?

We will not only focus on the spoken part of the language through our English speaking course for beginners but also on skills and techniques for effective communication. Each week will consist of 2 sessions with a trained tutor. You will have access to our English app through which you can simultaneously work on your reading and writing skills, and expand your vocabulary range. Among all the courses that appear online after you search for best spoken English classes near me, we are the best because we understand the individual requirements of every student.

Each week will include:

  • Learning new words
  • Appropriate usage of language in different contexts
  • Using language to communicate effectively, eg. purchase vegetables or buy a bus ticket
  • A common language to use in real-life situations
  • Listening to understand
  • Usage of accurate grammar while speaking
  • Preparation for basic speaking exams/ interviews
  • Class discussions and feedback from tutors
  • Practice English speaking individually, in pairs, and groups

What are the benefits of taking English Speaking Course from British Youth International College?

You might have often Google searched, “best spoken English classes near me”, expecting the search results to bring forth the best English speaking course for beginners. However, the most reliable name to bank upon when it comes to availing of the best spoken English course for beginners is the British Youth International College (BYITC). There are many benefits of enrolling with BYITC’s spoken English course for beginners, most importantly the following-


Each English speaking course for beginners is designed keeping the professional needs of the student in mind. Right from the very first class, you will be guided in pronunciations, accents, tones, appropriate language, and much more in an inclusive way through our best English speaking course.

Group setting

Throughout our best English speaking course, group learning will encourage you to be part of a team and work together to communicate effectively. Working in groups will enable you to engage in group discussions and speak out during interviews and office meetings. Our spoken English classes focus on building your group speaking aptitude.

Trained teachers

Our qualified teachers are trained in teaching English & understand the needs of individual learners. Throughout the best English speaking course, you will receive personalised feedback on areas of improvement and correct pronunciation. Our teachers are multilingual, but the language used in classrooms will be strictly English. Our spoken English classes help train you to speak in English flawlessly.

Digital learning

You can learn from the comfort of your home. Our best English speaking course does not require any additional materials that need to be purchased, everything that you need is made available through our web application. Our online support will be available during working hours which will help you prepare for upcoming classes.

Accent training

Since we are a UK based organisation, our English speaking courses for beginners focus to work on accents, pronunciations, and formal speaking. This will also give students exposure to global accents which will help them in understanding and acquiring neutral accents.

Dedicated web application

We provide complimentary access to our English app that is used for teaching English as a Second Language. The app consists of resources for building reading, writing, and research skills which will help in the overall fluency of the language

Build confidence

Learning a new language can be stressful, especially since one is always afraid of making mistakes. By learning with a group of students who are new to the language as well, you can learn from your classmates and build your confidence to speak in small groups. Finding the spoken English classes will help you become a master of the subject.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of each level, our students will be provided with a certificate of completion.

So, stop searching for the best English speaking course or the best spoken English classes near me, and enroll for the BYITC courses now!


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