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Maniesh Paul

Actor and Anchor

Maniesh Paul

Actor and Anchor


After a successful educational journey of 5 years in the UK, USA, Australia, and UAE, BYITC sets foot in India.

Here, at British Youth International College, we are dedicated to teaching your children invaluable skills in different areas such as Abacus, English, and Coding. We teach kids in multiple age groups starting from 4 years old to 17 years old via e-learning through our online software. The courses have been designed, keeping in mind the school development programs.

From The Director’s Desk

Dr Rashmi Mantri BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), PhD

Computer Science, University of the West of Scotland


Most of my life I worked as an Educator in various IT Corporates and Universities in Scotland. Education is my passion and I want to change the world through education.

My life’s journey and my move from teaching adults to teaching kids all revolves around my son, Dhruv Maheshwari.

One day I asked him a simple question, such as 35 minus 13, and he could not answer. Dhruv was in Primary 5 at that time, I was deeply depressed by the fact that he could not do this simple calculation is his head.

This was the beginning of Supermaths.



We have state-of-the-art Abacus tools and concepts at BYITC to help children learn the technique with ease.


The British Youth International College is dedicated to its mission of enabling children to develop,


Here at British Youth International College, we are dedicated to teaching your children invaluable IT

“Youth is tomorrow’s future and if they have the right direction then a country can achieve its full potential.”

At BYITC, we provide dynamic online tutoring programs that help in guiding your child to become a genius.


Abacus Teacher Training Program

After School Club

Summer/Winter Holiday camp for coding

School Programme

Abacus Math Challenge Summer/Winter

BYITC Inventors(Calling all young minds)

Dhruv Maheshwari's Seminar

Why ChooseBYITC

  • Our Vision

    To help young adults build the right learning foundations for a successful future & bringing back the fun in learning.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the best in class learning tools & experience to every student in an interactive & creative environment. We believe in creating & imparting the right content tailored to the requirements of our students.

  • Our Values

    Founded by a mother and an educator, BYITC believes in nurturing kids to exceed their full learning potential.

    • BBest in class
    • YYouth
    • I Innovative
    • TTeamwork
    • CCaring
  • Our Strategy

    We break up our program into terms throughout the year and each term consists of approximately 12 classes taught over 3 months. Each class is upto 2 hours long and there are multiple schedules to choose from. This allows your child to learn easily, effectively, and focus on their program to the best of their ability. If you would like to know more about our program or like to enroll your child in our program, please contact us.

Our Latest Posts

Code Like a Superhero: Virtual Coding Camps!

Calling all young tech enthusiasts! Do you dream of building robots, creating awesome games, or designing the next cool website? Well, buckle up, because Virtual Coding Camps are here to unlock your inner coding superhero! That’s right, Online Programming Courses are no longer just for grown-ups. These Virtual Coding Camps are specially designed for young learners like YOU, offering a super fun and engaging way to dive into the exciting world of code. Forget boring lectures and dusty textbooks, these camps are all about learning by doing, with: Interactive games and challenges: Imagine battling aliens in space or coding your own pet dragon! Virtual Coding Camps use gamified learning to make coding as fun as playtime. Awesome projects to build: From creating your own app to animating a funny story, Online Programming Courses let you put your coding skills to the test with projects you’ll be proud of. Cool coding languages: Just like superheroes have gadgets, you’ll learn exciting languages like Scratch, Python, and Minecraft coding, opening doors to endless creative possibilities. Expert instructors and guides: Don’t worry about getting lost in the code jungle! Experienced instructors and friendly camp counsellors are always there to answer your questions and help you on your coding journey. Connect with other young coders: Virtual Coding Camps are a blast because you’re not alone! Make new friends who share your passion for coding, collaborate on projects, and learn from each other. But the best part? Virtual Coding Camps offer amazing flexibility: Learn from anywhere, anytime: No need to travel! You can join the coding fun from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Fit it into your schedule: Choose from short courses, weekend camps, or even longer programs that fit your busy schedule. So, are you ready to unleash your inner tech genius? Virtual Coding Camps are the perfect way to ignite a passion for technology and coding, equipping you with valuable skills for the future. Remember, coding isn’t just about writing lines of code – it’s about problem-solving, creativity, and thinking like a superhero! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with us for a Virtual Coding Camp today and start your coding adventure! Ready to explore? Join BYITC for “Virtual Coding Camps” or “Online Programming Courses for Kids” and join the coding revolution! Related Articles What Age Should A Child Start Coding? Best Age to Start Coding for Beginners to Advanced Coding Classes in Hyderabad | Kids Coding Classes Ahmedabad | Coding for Beginners in Mumbai | Coding Classes in Bangalore | Coding Classes Kolkata | Coding Class in Chennai | Learn Coding in Surat | Coding Class in Pune | Coding for Beginners in Jaipur | Coding Classes Online | Coding Classes Near Me | Coding Classes in School | Coding Class in Lucknow | Coding Class in Kanpur | Coding for Beginners in Nagpur | Coding Class in Indore | Coding Class in Thane | Coding for Beginners in Bhopal

The Transformative Power of Learning English at an Early Age

In an interconnected world where communication knows no boundaries, the ability to speak English has become a crucial skill, unlocking doors to global opportunities. Learning English at an early age not only enhances linguistic capabilities but also provides a passport to a world of possibilities. With the advent of technology, free online English language classes have made this transformative journey accessible to children worldwide. 1. Cognitive Development: Learning a language at an early age has been linked to enhanced cognitive development. The brain is highly adaptable during childhood, making it easier for young minds to grasp complex linguistic structures. Studies suggest that bilingual children tend to have better problem-solving skills, heightened creativity, and improved critical thinking abilities. 2. Global Communication: English is the lingua franca of the modern world. By acquiring proficiency in English early on, children gain the ability to communicate with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. This skill is invaluable in today’s globalized society, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. 3. Educational Advantages: English proficiency opens the door to a wealth of educational resources. Many of the world’s top universities offer courses and research materials in English. Early exposure to the language equips children with the tools needed to excel in academia, setting the stage for future educational achievements. 4. Career Opportunities: The global job market is highly competitive, and fluency in English is often a prerequisite for success. Companies seek employees who can communicate effectively in English, giving early learners a significant advantage. Proficiency in English opens up a plethora of career opportunities in various fields, from business and science to technology and the arts. 5. Access to Free Online English Classes: The internet has democratized education, making quality English language classes accessible to children worldwide. Numerous platforms offer free online courses designed specifically for young learners. These classes incorporate interactive lessons, engaging activities, and multimedia resources, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. 6. British Youth International College (BYIC): For parents seeking a comprehensive English learning experience for their children, the British Youth International College (BYIC) stands out as a notable option. BYIC not only provides high-quality English language classes but also offers a holistic approach to education. With a team of experienced educators, BYIC focuses on nurturing a child’s overall development, including language skills, critical thinking, and social aptitude. BYIC leverages cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Their curriculum is designed to cater to the unique needs of young learners, ensuring that English language acquisition is both enjoyable and effective. The college’s commitment to fostering global citizenship aligns with the transformative power of learning English at an early age. In an era where the ability to communicate across borders is more critical than ever, learning English at an early age emerges as a transformative force. Free online English language classes break down barriers to access, allowing children worldwide to embark on a journey that can shape their cognitive abilities, open doors to education and career opportunities, and facilitate global communication. Institutions like the British Youth International College exemplify the commitment to providing a comprehensive English learning experience, making them a beacon for parents seeking to empower their children with the language of global connection and understanding. Related Articles Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: How English Fluency Empowers Kids at BYITC The Power of Spoken English Course: Mastering the Language of Global Communication Best Way to Make Creative Writing Fun in English Classes for Kids How To Be A Master Of English Conversation? How to Improve Your English Accent and Pronunciation? English Speaking Courses in Surat | Online English Grammar Classes in Pune | English Grammar in Jaipur | Learn English Speaking in Lucknow | English Speaking Courses in Kanpur | English language in Nagpur | English Speaking in Indore | Learn English in Thane | English Grammar Online Classes | Learn English Speaking Near Me | English Classes Near Me | English Learning Near Me | English Learning in Visakhapatnam | Learn English Speaking in Ranchi | English Course Online in Patna |

How can Abacus Classes unlock counting brilliance at your fingertips?

In a world dominated by technology and instant access to information, the significance of mental maths skills often takes a back seat. However, at British Youth International College, we understand that fostering a strong foundation in mathematics is crucial for overall cognitive development. One of the unique offerings at our institution is the Abacus Classes, a time-tested method that not only enhances mathematical abilities but also cultivates a sharp and agile mind. Unlock Fingertip Brilliance with Abacus Counting Classes! The Power of Abacus in Mental Maths Abacus, an ancient calculating tool, may seem like a relic in today’s digital age, but its impact on mental maths cannot be overstated. The British Youth International College recognizes the timeless benefits of the abacus and incorporates it into our curriculum to help students unlock counting brilliance at their fingertips. Building a Strong Foundation Abacus at our college serve as the cornerstone for developing a robust mathematical foundation. The tactile experience of manipulating beads on the abacus stimulates multiple senses, reinforcing the understanding of numerical concepts at an early age. This hands-on approach lays the groundwork for future mathematical learning, ensuring that students grasp abstract mathematical ideas with ease. Enhancing Cognitive Skills Beyond its role in arithmetic, abacus classes contribute significantly to the enhancement of cognitive skills. The mental calculations required in abacus training engage and strengthen the brain, fostering improved concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities. Students who undergo abacus training at British Youth International College often exhibit enhanced analytical thinking, which extends beyond the realm of mathematics into various aspects of their academic and personal lives. Accelerating Calculation Speed One of the key advantages of abacus is the remarkable improvement in calculation speed. The abacus facilitates the visualization of numerical relationships, enabling students to perform complex calculations mentally and swiftly. As a result, students gain confidence in their mathematical abilities and are better equipped to handle mathematical challenges in real-world scenarios. Bridging the Digital Divide In an era dominated by digital devices, the abacus offers a refreshing analog approach to learning mathematics. At British Youth International College, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that includes traditional methods alongside modern techniques. Abacus not only bridge the digital divide but also instill a deep understanding of mathematical concepts that goes beyond the superficial memorization often associated with digital tools. Cultivating a Lifelong Love for Mathematics Abacus at our institution are designed not only to impart mathematical skills but also to nurture a genuine love for the subject. By making maths enjoyable and accessible, students are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards learning, setting the stage for lifelong curiosity and exploration in the world of mathematics. In a fast-paced and technology-driven world, British Youth International College stands out by recognizing the enduring value of traditional educational tools like the abacus. Our Abacus are more than just a method of teaching mental math; they are a gateway to unlocking counting brilliance and fostering a deep appreciation for mathematics. Join us on this journey of mathematical discovery, where the ancient art of abacus meets the modern pursuit of academic excellence at British Youth International College. Related Articles “The Power of Play”: How Game Based Maths Learning Improve Concentration in Children How to Learn Abacus Maths through Games? How does Abacus Help Children do Better in Future Career Endeavours? How did the Abacus change the world? What is the Impact of Digital Game-based Abacus Learning on Students’ Performance? How can Abacus be Taught at Home? Abacus Class in Mumbai | Abacus Maths Classes in Delhi | Abacus Classes in Bangalore | Abacus Mental Maths in Hyderabad | Online Abacus Classes in Ahmedabad | Abacus Maths near me in Chennai | Abacus Maths Online in Kolkata | Abacus in Surat | Abacus for kids in Pune | Abacus Tuition near me in Jaipur | Abacus Online in Lucknow | Abacus tutor in Kanpur | Abacus class near me in Nagpur | Abacus near me in Indore | Best Online Abacus Classes in Thane | Online Abacus Classes near me in Bhopal | Abacus Classes for kids in Visakhapatnam

What People Say About BYITC

Swara Shimpi

Swara Shimpi
She has shown her potential by improving her reading comprehension massively since she joined and has put a massive effort in improving her work and spellings. Swara is more than ready to be in the next level.


It is fun because you get to make your own website and you get all the help you need, it's very useful and it's very clear on what you need to do to make a really


It was really good learning how to make a website. I liked coming to the class, it is the first time I've joined classes like this and I would come back. I learned more about how computers work as well, I really enjoyed the course.

Samarth Kesthur

Samarth Kesthur
Abacus helped Samarth to become faster & accurate in Maths. The courses improved his problem-solving skills, which helped in boosting his confidence.

Kieran Singh

Kieran Singh
Kieran has benefited a lot from abacus as he is now capable of doing large sums in a small amount of time. He is also great at his time-tables and thanks to Abacus, Kieran finds math a lot easier in school.

Umar Mahmood

Umar Mahmood
Umar’s writing and spellings have been brilliant from the past few months.  He has put a lot of hard work in his creative writing skills and has been very imaginative.  He has put thought into each short story he has created and his punctuation is perfect!

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