After a successful educational journey of 5 years in the UK, USA, Australia, and UAE, BYITC sets foot in India.

Here, at British Youth International College, we are dedicated to teaching your children invaluable skills in different areas such as Abacus, English, and Coding. We teach kids in multiple age groups starting from 4 years old to 17 years old via e-learning through our online software. The courses have been designed, keeping in mind the school development programs.

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Dr Rashmi Mantri BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), PhD

Computer Science, University of the West of Scotland


Most of my life I worked as an Educator in various IT Corporates and Universities in Scotland. Education is my passion and I want to change the world through education.

My life’s journey and my move from teaching adults to teaching kids all revolves around my son, Dhruv Maheshwari.

One day I asked him a simple question, such as 35 minus 13, and he could not answer. Dhruv was in Primary 5 at that time, I was deeply depressed by the fact that he could not do this simple calculation is his head.

This was the beginning of Supermaths.

Director | Dr Rashmi Mantri BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), PhD - Byitcinternational


Abacus Mathematics


We have state-of-the-art Abacus tools and concepts at BYITC to help children learn the technique with ease.



The British Youth International College is dedicated to its mission of enabling children to develop,



Here at British Youth International College, we are dedicated to teaching your children invaluable IT

“Youth is tomorrow’s future and if they have the right direction then a country can achieve its full potential.”

At BYITC, we provide dynamic online tutoring programs that help in guiding your child to become a genius.


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Abacus Teacher Training Program

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After School Club

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Summer/Winter Holiday camp for coding

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School Programme

Abacus Math Challenge Summer/Winter | Byitcinternational

Abacus Math Challenge Summer/Winter

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BYITC Inventors(Calling all young minds)

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Dhruv Maheshwari's Seminar

Why ChooseBYITC

  • Our Vision

    To help young adults build the right learning foundations for a successful future & bringing back the fun in learning.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the best in class learning tools & experience to every student in an interactive & creative environment. We believe in creating & imparting the right content tailored to the requirements of our students.

  • Our Values

    Founded by a mother and an educator, BYITC believes in nurturing kids to exceed their full learning potential.

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  • Our Strategy

    We break up our program into terms throughout the year and each term consists of approximately 12 classes taught over 3 months. Each class is upto 2 hours long and there are multiple schedules to choose from. This allows your child to learn easily, effectively, and focus on their program to the best of their ability. If you would like to know more about our program or like to enroll your child in our program, please contact us.

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Which is the Best Franchise Opportunity with Low Investment Requirement?

Franchising is an extremely efficient business model. Franchisee partners get the opportunity to leverage an existing brand and replicate its success across multiple geographies. Anyone can take advantage of this strategy to generate profits and ensure business success. An education franchise in India can be one of the best options to make the most of this opportunity. The demand for education is likely to be evergreen, as every generation seeks cutting-edge learning opportunities to enhance their performance. Education franchising options also involve minimal investments, enabling business owners to maximise their returns.  Let’s break down how to find a profitable franchising opportunity that you can get under a Rs 1 Lac investment. Low-Investment Franchising Options: Questions to Ask Before Making a Choice If you want to buy an education franchise in India with minimal investment, the following questions can help you streamline your choices: 1. Does the Franchisor Have a Proven Business Model?  A proven track record is critical for any franchise business. Your franchisor must demonstrate that the business is low-risk and convenient before you finalise the agreement. For example, the BYITC franchises for Abacus learning have proven their business model’s potential for success. These risk-free opportunities ensure that the franchisee partner does not suffer from a financial loss. The operations are hassle-free, and the success rate is promising enough to warrant a small investment in this opportunity. 2. What is the Franchisor’s Unique Strategy? A franchise concept must have an underlying uniqueness that helps it achieve a competitive edge. When you choose an education franchise in India, you must analyse its strategic outlook. For example, BYITC franchises for Abacus teaching use a top-notch digital strategy to fuel their success. We have developed a top-notch software solution that assigns tasks to students and automatically grades their submissions. This e-learning application has eliminated the need for teachers to spend time on manual tasks. As a result, the franchise’s strategy allows franchisee partners to optimise time and costs to drive profits. 3. Is the Franchise System Holistic? You need to evaluate a franchise opportunity from a holistic perspective. You must understand whether this opportunity will allow you to add value to society while generating profits for you and your family. When you set up an education franchise, you can transform the lives of students and set them up for future success. At the same time, an efficient business model from a branded franchisor will help you establish a venture with minimal costs. Indeed, a BYITC franchise enables franchisee partners to maintain an excellent work-life balance. They need to devote very little time to the operations, as the software solution ensures impeccable execution of the business concept. If you have affirmative answers to all the above questions, you can go ahead and purchase a franchise unit under Rs 1 Lac. Starting Your Franchise Unit Under 1 Lac You need to contact the BYITC team to initiate the agreements for setting up this franchise. Then, you can arrange funds and logistics to establish the business operations. You can access the franchise rights to BYITC’s internationally renowned Abacus teaching business for around Rs. 1 Lac.  You can set up your franchise business in a city of your choice. Their franchise offerings are spread all over the country, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to start their businesses wherever they choose. Their education franchises in Delhi can help them serve a significant portion of the North Indian market. On the other hand, BYITC can help cater to parts of the South Indian market. BYITC’s location strategy helps widen their target audience base, expanding opportunities for potential franchise partners. If you want to know more about this mental math programme and business opportunities, reach out to the team today! Related Articles How to Identify Profitable Franchise Businesses? Looking for Low Investment Education Franchise Opportunity? Which Is The Best Education Franchise To Own?

How did the Abacus change the world?

Abacus is a calculation tool that has been used in China for about 2,000 years. It is still alive today! Not just China but the entire world is now leveraging the Abacus for accurate and fast numerical calculations. Today, more and more parents are enrolling their kids in Abacus classes to boost their calculation skills. However, have you ever wondered how the Abacus changed the world? If not, it is time to get some detailed insights. Here are some of the ways the Abacus has brought about significant changes in the world. Mental Calculations Earlier people used the fingers of their hands and toes to make calculations. For calculating larger quantities, twigs, pebbles, and sea shells were used. The introduction of the Abacus made calculation much easier by helping people do the calculations mentally. Through the Abacus maths online classes, you can learn to perform mental calculations without any physical objects. As a result, reaching accurate solutions to numerical problems became easy and fast.  Cranmer Abacus The discovery of the Abacus has also made it easy for visually-impaired people to learn mathematics. The Abacus specifically designed for visually-impaired people is known as the Cranmer Abacus. It allows individuals to visualize the different numbers mentally and perform calculations. Apart from simple counting, individuals can also perform complex mathematical calculations with the use of the Cranmer Abacus. Teaches Several Mathematical Operations Abacus has made it possible to learn several mathematical operations through a single device. From simple subtraction and addition to skip counting, kids can learn everything through the Abacus classes. Moreover, multiplication and division on the Abacus are also possible. The evolution of the Abacus has made learning mathematics quite simple and easy for individuals. Makes People Smarter Another way in which the abacusAbacus has changed the world is by making people smarter. Learning Abacus allows individuals to solve complex mathematical problems in much less time. Besides that, it also helps improve other important skills like logical thinking, creative skills, and critical thinking. So, if you want your children to become smart and stand out in the competitive era, enrolling them in the Abacus classes can help. Makes Mathematics Fun Mathematics was only so much fun and enjoyable after the emergence of the Abacus. In fact, it was quite difficult and hard to comprehend. That is why teaching maths was quite challenging. However, with the introduction of the Abacus, mathematics became quite enjoyable for children. Now no longer maths is boring and dull for little minds. The colourful beads and the unique way of teaching maths have made the subject fun for young learners. As the Abacus resembles a toy, it attracts most kids and encourages them to learn mathematics. Conclusion Now that you know how Abacus has changed the world, you must be willing to enroll your child in the Abacus classes. Are you in search of a reputed platform? If yes, BYITC is the name you can always trust.  BYITc Abacus Maths classes in Mumbai and Pune are available for interested students.  Enroll your kids in the Abacus classes and allow them to learn mathematics in a fun and engaging manner. Contact the experts today!   Related Articles What is the Impact of Digital Game-based Abacus Learning on Students’ Performance? How can Abacus be Taught at Home? 30 Minutes Of Abacus A Day Will Power Your Kid’s Brain How Learning Abacus Helps Your Child Excel In STEM? How To Learn Abacus Maths at Home?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Fluent Spoken English?

If you are planning to enrol your child in an English-speaking course for kids or feel they need to improve their English language skills, you are then probably curious about how much time it might take. Well, to cut to the chase, no instructor at any English-speaking classes in Agra can claim that your child will start speaking fluently in English within a month or two.  That’s because every child has his/her pace of learning and imbibing linguistics. It’s not something you can rush. Moreover, one’s language skills are determined by the level of practice. But, we can shed some light on a time frame standard for any learner. Firstly, enrolling in the best English-speaking course helps, but there are other factors involved.  Ways to Get Fluent in Spoken English These factors influence your child’s ability to gain fluency in spoken English. Let’s take a look.  Is your child enrolled in a good English-speaking course for kids? This is the most essential part of learning English! You must get your child enrolled in a good and highly-revered English speaking classes in Hyderabad or Bangalore if you are based in any of these two cities, so they can guide you through the process. In Spoken English course, your child will learn the tricks of speaking and gaining confidence in the language.  What should they do and not do? What kind of effort should they need to put in? How are their existing skills in spoken English? Getting answers will help improve the learning abilities of your child and speed up the timeline.   Moreover, you also need to see the duration of the course. Most reputed English-speaking courses for kids go on for 5-6 months. Anything less than that will not be sufficient for children to learn and improve their fluency.      How much time is your child spending on polishing the skills? After the instructor has imparted the lesson, your child needs to practice at home. While learning the language, encourage your child to speak in English at home, read English books or hear audiobooks.  The more they engage with the language, it will enhance their skills. Some parents encourage their children to maintain a journal, penning down their thoughts. It can be quite beneficial in improving their overall language proficiency.    Don’t fall for unrealistic promises made by course makers! When searching for the best English-speaking course you will see multiple tempting advertisements. They will claim that your child will start speaking fluent English in a month or two. These are utter fallacies, as no one can guarantee that they can make a child learn and speak a new language in just a few weeks.  Not every child is the same, and they have their own learning pace. So, don’t fall for these unrealistic promises. Instead, you can look for an English-speaking course for kids trusted by parents. You have to look for the learning approach, the modules, the duration, and the care the institute take in teaching the child.  Conclusion On a concluding note, if you are searching for an English-speaking class in Hyderabad or Bangalore, check out the curriculum, offered by British Youth International College (BYITC). We have excellent English language courses for kids taught by trained and experienced professionals. Related Articles How To Be A Master Of English Conversation? How to Improve Your English Accent and Pronunciation? How to Speak English with Fluency and Confidence? How Can I Improve My Child’s English Speaking?

What People Say About BYITC

Swara Shimpi

Swara Shimpi
She has shown her potential by improving her reading comprehension massively since she joined and has put a massive effort in improving her work and spellings. Swara is more than ready to be in the next level.


It is fun because you get to make your own website and you get all the help you need, it's very useful and it's very clear on what you need to do to make a really


It was really good learning how to make a website. I liked coming to the class, it is the first time I've joined classes like this and I would come back. I learned more about how computers work as well, I really enjoyed the course.

Samarth Kesthur

Samarth Kesthur
Abacus helped Samarth to become faster & accurate in Maths. The courses improved his problem-solving skills, which helped in boosting his confidence.

Kieran Singh

Kieran Singh
Kieran has benefited a lot from abacus as he is now capable of doing large sums in a small amount of time. He is also great at his time-tables and thanks to Abacus, Kieran finds math a lot easier in school.

Umar Mahmood

Umar Mahmood
Umar’s writing and spellings have been brilliant from the past few months.  He has put a lot of hard work in his creative writing skills and has been very imaginative.  He has put thought into each short story he has created and his punctuation is perfect!

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