After a successful educational journey of 5 years in the UK, USA, Australia, and UAE, BYITC sets foot in India.

Here, at British Youth International College, we are dedicated to teaching your children invaluable skills in different areas such as Abacus, English, and Coding. We teach kids in multiple age groups starting from 4 years old to 17 years old via e-learning through our online software. The courses have been designed, keeping in mind the school development programs.

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Dr Rashmi Mantri BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), PhD

Computer Science, University of the West of Scotland


Most of my life I worked as an Educator in various IT Corporates and Universities in Scotland. Education is my passion and I want to change the world through education.

My life’s journey and my move from teaching adults to teaching kids all revolves around my son, Dhruv Maheshwari.

One day I asked him a simple question, such as 35 minus 13, and he could not answer. Dhruv was in Primary 5 at that time, I was deeply depressed by the fact that he could not do this simple calculation is his head.

This was the beginning of Supermaths.

Director | Dr Rashmi Mantri BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), PhD - Byitcinternational


Abacus Mathematics


We have state-of-the-art Abacus tools and concepts at BYITC to help children learn the technique with ease.



The British Youth International College is dedicated to its mission of enabling children to develop,



Here at British Youth International College, we are dedicated to teaching your children invaluable IT

“Youth is tomorrow’s future and if they have the right direction then a country can achieve its full potential.”

At BYITC, we provide dynamic online tutoring programs that help in guiding your child to become a genius.


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Abacus Teacher Training Program

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School Programme

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Abacus Math Challenge Summer/Winter

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Dhruv Maheshwari's Seminar

Why ChooseBYITC

  • Our Vision

    To help young adults build the right learning foundations for a successful future & bringing back the fun in learning.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the best in class learning tools & experience to every student in an interactive & creative environment. We believe in creating & imparting the right content tailored to the requirements of our students.

  • Our Values

    Founded by a mother and an educator, BYITC believes in nurturing kids to exceed their full learning potential.

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  • Our Strategy

    We break up our program into terms throughout the year and each term consists of approximately 12 classes taught over 3 months. Each class is upto 2 hours long and there are multiple schedules to choose from. This allows your child to learn easily, effectively, and focus on their program to the best of their ability. If you would like to know more about our program or like to enroll your child in our program, please contact us.

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How to Provide Game-Based Abacus Learning in Your Existing Tuition Center?

From Generation X to Generation Z, the world has seen drastic changes in learning models. Schools and institutions shifted from generic in-class theory to a more applied approach. Employing smart classes and audio-visual aids became standard practice as we hit the latter half of the 21st century’s first decade. However, the world changed beyond measure between 2012-2024, in the prime time of Generation Alpha children. Born into a technologically diverse environment, Generation Alpha needs a new learning style – gamified learning. Today, we’ll look into game based learning and how it changes the shape of Abacus maths for children of the new era.  We’ll also talk about how you can implement gamed based learning classes in Kanpur and gamed based abacus maths classes in Lucknow. What is Gamification? Game based learning is a unique style of learning that imparts information holding substantial educational value in the form of a game. It gained credibility after years of extensive research proving that it provides superior engagement compared to other learning methods.  By applying game based learning strategies to teach courses like Abacus maths, gamification helps stimulate the hippocampal memory of young learners. This process allows them to store more information in their long-term memory easily. Additionally, gamification is also closely linked to an increase in dopamine levels. Dopamine is a unique neurotransmitter that’s linked to learning because it helps improve learners’ focus and concentration.  World’s First Gamified Abacus Learning One of the leading global institutes dedicated to teaching Abacus maths has launched a unique gamified Abacus maths program. The program takes on an intuitive approach to engage learners in game based learning of Abacus maths. Using this technique gamed based learning classes in Kanpur and gamed based abacus maths learning classses in Lucknow can easily implement a strong abacus programme. The speciality of this course is as follows: Digital Games – The course uses a plethora of digital games to guide the learners through the different stages of learning. Hence, the course starts with basic games and puzzles for players and keeps on becoming more complex as the learners keep progressing. Thus, it can help students in a gamed based learning classes in Kanpur accelerate their mathematical prowess quickly. Multi-fold Learning Stimulation – A multi-fold learning platform stimulates the mind of learners in different ways. The world’s first gamified Abacus maths course is made considering the ‘one ruler doesn’t fit all’ theory in mind. Hence, irrespective of having logical or creative prowess, learners always get access to the best learning. This is significant for students attending gamed based abacus maths learning classes in Lucknow and can help them grow significantly.  Hence, the world’s best course brings together the ingenuity of Abacus maths, a subject known to heighten the intelligence of learners and the power of gamified learning to make it more engaging.  Is India Ready for Gamified Abacus Learning? India has some of the brightest global minds. Additionally, with a population distribution biased towards youngsters, India is all set to adopt this new approach. Thus, to set up game-based Abacus classes in Delhi and game based Abacus classes in Mumbai, you can get in touch with the British Youth International College. With years of experience in Abacus maths courses and unique teaching pedagogies, they offer the world’s first gamified Abacus course.  Deploying gamified classes can significantly enhance learning efficiency and effectiveness in young learners of India. Early development of high intelligence can help them access better opportunities making them competitive with the global community. Visit the BYITC website today for more details regarding how the gamified Abacus maths course can help boost youth learning in India. Related Articles How to Learn Abacus Maths through Games? How does Abacus Help Children do Better in Future Career Endeavours? How did the Abacus change the world? What is the Impact of Digital Game-based Abacus Learning on Students’ Performance? How can Abacus be Taught at Home?

How to Learn Abacus Maths through Games?

The importance of learning has transcended through every generation. In today’s world that’s becoming more literate, quick learning is the key to unlocking growth. In the last couple of decades, we’ve also seen drastic shifts in teaching pedagogies. However, today’s competitive world presents a unique challenge for learners. Compared to the 2000s, where single-subject proficiency was considered enough, learners today must be proficient in multiple subjects. That’s why game based Abacus maths learning classes in Nagpur and game based learning classes in Thane need to implement the new form of Abacus. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the subject of maths. In a world governed by technology, maths posits itself as one of the most critical STEM subjects. However, this subject requires an innate level of understanding to be mastered. To impart the same, the best institute for youth learning has launched the world’s first how to learn Abacus maths course for game based maths learning. What is Game Based Learning? Game based maths learning may seem like quite a foreign term. However, it is one of the most relevant concepts of 2023. Extensive research has proven that learning modules that are designed like games help boost student engagement and information retention. The way it works is learners are presented with maths problems in the form of a game. The game will consist of levels (like seen in candy crush and other quick arcade games). Upon passing each level, the learner earns a certain number of reward points, gets to access new levels, and also can use their reward points to unlock new rewards. Hence, if you’re wondering how to learn Abacus maths, this system can be beneficial for you. Why is It Important for Abacus Maths Learning? Game based learning, as opposed to traditional methods, offers multiple benefits at a go: ⦁ Game-based Maths learning helps boost learning insights in learners, allowing them to absorb more information with little effort. ⦁ It helps learners engage with learning in a familiar environment, such as on their smartphones, laptops, PCs and more. ⦁ Game-based Maths learning helps break down complex concepts making them easy to interpret for the learners. Hence it improves the time taken to understand and absorb concepts. ⦁ Game-based Maths learning boosts learners’ creativity by stimulating a higher receptivity to learning. Implementing this teaching pedagogy at the best game based learning classes in Thane ensures learners can think out of the box as well. ⦁ Since it simulates real-world challenges, it improves the application knowledge of the learners. For instance, solving maths problems just as maths problems is out of context. However, teaching a child to count potatoes and calculate the cart value at the market is realistic and helps learners easily recognise familiar situations for applying the subject. Hence, such abacus course can be used by the best game based Abacus maths learning classes in Nagpur. Thus, our answer to the question of how to learn Abacus maths is game based learning. Hence, if you’re a parent intent on helping your child learn Abacus maths, you can check out game based learning classes in Thane and game based Abacus maths learning classes in Nagpur. The British Youth International College hosts the world’s first game based learning program for Abacus maths. Having years of experience teaching Abacus maths, this institute has developed a revolutionary program to help significantly boost learning. Check out their website to learn more about the course. Related Articles How does Abacus Help Children do Better in Future Career Endeavours? How did the Abacus change the world? What is the Impact of Digital Game-based Abacus Learning on Students’ Performance? How can Abacus be Taught at Home? 30 Minutes Of Abacus A Day Will Power Your Kid’s Brain

Spoken English Classes: Can Listening to TED Talks Improve Language Skills?

Learning English as a second language can be easier said than done. However, if one starts at an early age, as a child, the proficiency gradually improves. Other than attending spoken English classes for kids, there is another productive way to improve language skills. You can motivate your child to watch TED Talks. In this blog, we will explore how listening to TED Talks improve English language skills for children attending English speaking courses for beginners. 5 Ways TED Talks Improve English Language Skills TED Talks is a popular platform for sharing ideas and inspiring stories. Not only are they informative and engaging, but they also offer a wealth of benefits for ones attending spoken English classes for kids. Let’s take a look at the benefits.    Exposure to native English speakers One of the biggest advantages of TED Talks is that they feature a diverse range of speakers from around the world, allowing children to hear and imitate the English spoken by native speakers. This exposure to authentic English speech patterns and pronunciation helps children in English speaking courses become more confident and fluent in their English speaking skills.  Vocabulary building Additional to an English-speaking course for beginners, children can benefit immensely by listening to TED Talks. They cover a wide range of topics, from science and technology to arts and culture. This exposes children to new vocabulary and helps them to expand their language skills. By listening to speakers talk about complex concepts, children learn new words and phrases in context, making them more likely to remember and use them in their speaking and writing.  Improves listening skills Listening to TED Talks requires focused attention and comprehension, helping kids to improve their listening skills in English. Children enrolled in English speaking courses for beginners need to actively listen, understand and retain information to get the most out of a TED Talk. This is especially helpful for children who are struggling with listening and comprehension skills, as it allows them to practice and improve in a real-life setting.  Encourages critical thinking TED Talks are designed to inspire and challenge, encouraging kids to think critically and express their own opinions in English. Children can learn to analyze, evaluate and form opinions about different ideas and concepts presented in the talks, giving them valuable skills for academic and professional success. This is quite helpful for ones enrolled into spoken English classes for kids.  Enhances oral communication skills Children enrolled in spoken English classes for kids can use the language and ideas they learn from TED Talks to improve their oral communication skills, including pronunciation, phrasing, and intonation. By listening to the speakers’ delivery and use of language, children can learn how to express themselves more clearly and effectively. Wrapping Up Listening to TED Talks can be a fun and effective way for kids and others enrolled in English-speaking courses for beginners to improve their language skills. It offers a rich and engaging learning experience that can help learners become more confident and effective communicators in English.  However, this trick should be an added effort to enrolling in a notable institute offering ESL courses, like the BYITC. If you are seeking instructors for online English classes in Meerut and Faridabad, then check out the course offerings of BYITC and reach out for a formal consultation before enrollment.   Related Articles Best Way to Make Creative Writing Fun in English Classes for Kids How Long Does It Take to Learn Fluent Spoken English? How To Be A Master Of English Conversation? How to Improve Your English Accent and Pronunciation?

What People Say About BYITC

Swara Shimpi

Swara Shimpi
She has shown her potential by improving her reading comprehension massively since she joined and has put a massive effort in improving her work and spellings. Swara is more than ready to be in the next level.


It is fun because you get to make your own website and you get all the help you need, it's very useful and it's very clear on what you need to do to make a really


It was really good learning how to make a website. I liked coming to the class, it is the first time I've joined classes like this and I would come back. I learned more about how computers work as well, I really enjoyed the course.

Samarth Kesthur

Samarth Kesthur
Abacus helped Samarth to become faster & accurate in Maths. The courses improved his problem-solving skills, which helped in boosting his confidence.

Kieran Singh

Kieran Singh
Kieran has benefited a lot from abacus as he is now capable of doing large sums in a small amount of time. He is also great at his time-tables and thanks to Abacus, Kieran finds math a lot easier in school.

Umar Mahmood

Umar Mahmood
Umar’s writing and spellings have been brilliant from the past few months.  He has put a lot of hard work in his creative writing skills and has been very imaginative.  He has put thought into each short story he has created and his punctuation is perfect!

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