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Abacus Books

Learning Abacus using our Web-application

Mathematics is a very fascinating skill to acquire even though the humdrum of the traditional method of teaching might make it seem otherwise. We, being passionate about the subject, felt the need to deliver an alternate system of learning maths. This led to the formation of the world’s first one-of-a-kind e-learning software for Abacus maths.

Freed from having to study Abacus from Abacus books, kids embraced this newsoftware with enthusiasm and zest. Catering to kids of the new digital era, this software proved to be an epiphany. Its rich and functional features made it popular with kids already struggling to learnAbacus using Abacus books.

We designed our courses around this Web application. The sole aim was to bring back a kid’s passion and interest in maths. Today, the use of the beads as numbers in the Abacus frame fascinates them and the finger tricks involved in moving the beads up and down motivates them.Our teachers are also specially trained to help kids understand the nuances of learning Abacus using the Web application. Kids that enrol with us find this new and dynamic way of learning more fruitful than the Abacus books they were previously subjected to.

Our Abacuscourse is divided into several levels each of which makes kids proficient in a particular aspect of learning Abacus. As the kids progress,our advanced Webapplication helps make it easy for them to master difficult levels. The content offered by our Webapplication is exhaustive yet comprehensive. Kids rarely, if ever, need to supplement it with content from theAbacus books.

We teach the kids three important Abacus-learning techniques that cannot be mastered by reading Abacus books. Initially kids are taught to use the physical Abacus. This is followed by the finger technique and finally the mental technique. These teachings are further augmented by the state-of-art Webapplication that we have developed exclusively for this. This app is so exhaustive that parents do not need to spend additional money to buy Abacus books.

For us business is an epiphenomenon. Innovating about Abacus techniques and curriculum is our passion. This is evident in the unique Abacus curriculum we follow. Along with attaining proficiency in Abacus, our students also become self-confident and self-assured individuals. This could never have been possible by learning from Abacus books.

The finger technique helps kids to activate certain sensors in their brains. This aids the development of both sides of the brain and the child improves his logical reasoning, memory retention power, visualisation skills, imagination etc.

So forget the Abacus books! Get in touch with us and see our Webapplication work wonders on your kid.





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