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How to learn Abacus Maths?

 | If you are interested in understanding how to learn abacus maths, you should come to BYITC. We are not just an Abacus-training institute,we are innovators and educators who constantly keep trying to better our Abacus teaching methods to benefit your child. Thus, if you have any doubts about how to learn Abacus or are confused about teaching abacus to your kids, come to us. We will answer all your queries with patience and help you overcome all inhibitions that you might have regarding sending your kids to us.

Learn Abacus Maths

We teach kids using a specialised online Abacus program. Kids do not have to leave their homes to avail of the same. Consequently, if you are interested in understanding the Abacus concept and seeing your child’s transformation first-hand, you can also be a part of our online Abacus classes.

About the Abacus tool In the initial stages, kids are acquainted with the  Abacus as a physical tool. They are taught that:

  • The abacus consists of two parts—the upper or heavenly deck and the lower or earthly deck
  • Each deck comprises several vertical rods each with a set number of beads
  • Each vertical rod of the upper deck has 2 beads while that of the lower ones have 5 beads each
  • The upper deck beads are all valued at 5 and the lower deck ones at 1
  • The two parts are divided by a reference bar
  • Each bead touching the reference bar is taken as counted

While these form the basics of understanding how to learn Abacus, the use of the Abacus requires precision. Kids need to be taught finger techniques to enable them to understand how to use the beads properly.

An online/ virtualAbacus is an online representation of the physical Abacus wherein kids use the mouse to move the beads. Using the online Abacus too forms a part of our Abacus classes.

Virtual Abacus—a short note

Instead of using a physical tool, kids are taught to visualise and create a mental image of the Abacus. Finger techniques taught in the earlier stages of the Abacus program help to aid the kids in the use of this virtual Abacus. To complete a complex calculation using the virtual Abacus successfully, kids have to use both their right and left brains simultaneously. This, coupled with finger movements, enhance the blood flow to the brain thereby nurturing further brain development. Kids become adept at solving mathematical problems in their minds and this increases their confidence and self-worth.

So are you ready to see your kid transform?

Enrol them in our  Online Abacus classes and be a witness to a magical transformation in your child.

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