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Abacus Maths and Adaptive Learning Technologies
Abacus Maths

How Adaptive Learning Technologies are Changing the Landscape of Abacus Maths

In today’s age of the internet, numerous technologies continue to evolve. The emergence of new adaptive learning technologieshas resulted in a significant transformation in the way children learn. Such technologies have alsoimpacted the abacus maths. In this blog, you will learn how adaptive …

Future Career with Abacus Maths | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How does Abacus Help Children do Better in Future Career Endeavours?

In this ever-changing world, enhancing our children’s capabilities and making them future-ready is the only way to lead them towards a bright and successful future. Gone are those days when students only had a few future career options and could only select …

Competitive Exams | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

Would Abacus Help in Competitive Exams Practice?

Abacus is one of the ancient techniques for teaching mathematical operations to children. It not only enhances the mathematical abilities of kids but ensures overall growth and development. Moreover, Abacus maths can also help in competitive exams practice. Yes, you read it …

How Did the Abacus Change the World | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How did the Abacus change the world?

Abacus is a calculation tool that has been used in China for about 2,000 years. It is still alive today! Not just China but the entire world is now leveraging the Abacus for accurate and fast numerical calculations. Today, more and more …

Game-Based Abacus Maths Learning | Byitcinternational
Game-Based Learning

How Game-Based Abacus Maths Learning Will Make Your Child Smarter?

The concept of ‘learn while you play’ has been around for quite some time now. Not only does it transform monotonous classroom teaching into a fun-filled avenue of learning but also kindles the spark of doing things in order to enhance learning. …

Abacus For Kids | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

30 Minutes Of Abacus A Day Will Power Your Kid’s Brain

The human brain is by far one of the most amazing instruments made by the Gods so far. Its powers are simply incalculable. To unlock the fullest possible potential of the human brain (as much as humanly possible), one needs to be …

Learning Abacus | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How Learning Abacus Helps Your Child Excel In STEM?

STEM, an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is an education program designed to educate kids through engagement in hands-on experiments and real-life experiences. The STEM-related subjects have Mathematics as their working base.The Abacus Maths classes are designed to help drastically …

Learn Abacus online | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

Reasons why children should learn Abacus

Abacus has stellar benefits for children in terms of cognitive development. The age-old technique of performing calculations may look complex, on the face of it, but it is one of the simplest ways to get ahead of the competition. Today’s education system …

Abacus Maths Tutors | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

Best Abacus Maths Tutors

Teachers help develop a healthy interest in students by making learning fun and easy. Our Abacus maths tutors are trained to understand the varied needs of the students, develop a bond with them and then slowly introduce the concept of the Abacus …

How to use an Abacus | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How to use an Abacus?

Our years of Abacus teaching experience have taught us that initially teaching kids how to use an Abacus tool is extremely important. Consequently, now we start our Abacus learning programs by introducing the kids to the use of the tool. While the …


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