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Game-Based Learning

How Game-Based Abacus Maths Learning Will Make Your Child Smarter?

The concept of ‘learn while you play’ has been around for quite some time now. Not only does it transform monotonous classroom teaching into a fun-filled avenue of learning but also kindles the spark of doing things in order to enhance learning. With children’s education and games having gone digital during the past few years, there has emerged a vast scope for what is known as game-based abacus maths learning. Let us explore its different facets and see how it could be used to your child’s advantage.

What is game-based learning?

Games have been used as effective tools for learning for years. However, the unprecedented rise in the use of digital technology has shifted the fulcrum of games and sports from outdoor environments to indoor, PC- and Internet-based activities. In the simplest of terms, game-based learning implies the use of gaming to accomplish educational objectives aimed at supporting a child’s overall development and mental growth. For enhancing a child’s Math skills in particular, one of the most effective game-based approaches is game-based Abacus Maths.

 How Game-based Abacus Maths application works?


Game-based Abacus Maths; Sharpen your child’s Math skills

Oblivious to the benefits of learning the Abacus, many people pose the question, “Is Abacus useful?”. Not surprisingly though, it has been scientifically known that Abacus Maths significantly boosts children’s aptitude in Mathematics. A digital Abacus amalgamated with gaming proves to be an even more potent tool for sharpening children’s Math skills and making them smarter. In its digital form, an Abacus can be accessed through smartphone screens in the form of games and applications. Since game-based abacus maths learning is based on the combination of the domains of gaming and the traditional Abacus, therefore, constant access to an Abacus game can help a child reap two-fold advantages – those related to gaming and others of the Abacus.

Here are five of the most important benefits of game-based Abacus maths learning.

1. Enhances the personal growth of students – By way of entrusting a goal or an objective to be completed, games help improve the attentiveness of the player. Besides, the diversity of the numerous scenarios incorporated in a game enables the player to widen his or her perspective.

2. Promotes teamwork – Modern-day Internet-based games are founded on the template of a collective team effort to accomplish the given objective(s). They, thus, teach children to work in teams – a prime requirement for success in today’s world.

3. Teaches important life lessons – Internet- and mobile-based games promote the spirit of not quitting and trying over and over again until one accomplishes the assigned goals. In the process, they teach children to learn from their mistakes and handle failures more acceptingly.

4. Sharpens memory – Learning through doing, the most basic trait of the Abacus, promotes better retention capability and sharpens the memory of kids. Moreover, when children learn new concepts by performing tasks themselves, their self-confidence is boosted manifold.

5. Drastically improves analytical skillsLearning Abacus Maths significantly improves the analytical ability of children as it promotes logical reasoning and critical thinking.

Enrol Your Child in an Effective Game-Based Abacus Learning Class Today

Today‘s highly competitive environment calls for children to be sharper as well as smarter. To taste success in one’s career, it is imperative to inculcate analytical ability, team spirit, focus and attentiveness right from childhood. Therefore, the most prudent step is to enrol your little one in a proven Abacus Maths learning course such as the one offered by BYITC.

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