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Teachers help develop a healthy interest in students by making learning fun and easy. Our Abacus maths tutors are trained to understand the varied needs of the students, develop a bond with them and then slowly introduce the concept of the Abacus to them.

At BYITC, we train our best Abacus maths tutors to handle different kinds of students. We believe that every kid, even if he is dyslexic or dyscalculic should learn to handle the Abacus as a means of doing mathematical calculations. For kids who have a difficulty in understanding the different procedures involved in solving maths problems, our Abacus maths tutors devote extra time so they can overcome this inability.

Abacus Maths Tutors: Mental Arithmetic Mastery

Teaching about abacus

Students enrolling with us are taught to use the Abacus in three different levels. For all students learning to handle the Abacus makes for the first level. Our best Abacus maths tutors help students to learn about the Abacus and understand that it consists of two parts:

An upper “heavenly” region consisting of 1 bead in each vertical road

A lower “earthly” region with each rod consisting of 4 beads

For the convenience of the students, our abacus maths tutors teach them to think of the beads as numbers.

The upper beads are valued at 5 each while the lower beads are valued differently with the beads on the extreme right column valued at 1. By slowly and repeatedly making the students practice with the beads, we at BYITC, acquaint the students with the changing values of the lower beads as one goes from right to left.

The three techniques

At BYITC, we follow a rather unique program wherein our Abacus maths tutors initially teach the students to do mathematical calculations using the physical tool. This is followed by the finger technique and finally with the mental technique.

In the finger technique, we teach kids to use their fingers to handle the Abacus in a way that they perform the calculations with only a few fingers.

The mental technique is taught to students in the last levels. Abacus maths tutors teaching this level in our abacus maths institute, BYITC, are specially trained to help students visualize and imagine the abacus in their minds. Mathematical calculations given to them have to be done using this mental visualization and the result has to be remembered.

That we are successful in our efforts is evident from the testimonials of students and parents.

If you want your kid to be a part of this highly successful mathematical venture and be taught by the best available Abacus tutors, please get in touch with us.

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