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How Learning Abacus Helps Your Child Excel In STEM?

STEM, an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is an education program designed to educate kids through engagement in hands-on experiments and real-life experiences. The STEM-related subjects have Mathematics as their working base.The Abacus Maths classes are designed to help drastically improve a child’s ability to process numbers and perform mathematical calculations quickly. Exposure to the working knowledge of Abacus Maths provides children with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills related to Science, Design, Technology, Mathematics and other general capabilities. Read more about how learning abacus helps your child excel in stem?

Learning Abacus; A Brief Background

For those who are clueless about what is Abacus, here is a brief introduction that’ll also help develop an understanding of the importance of Abacus math for today’s children.The history of Abacus dates back to over 2000 years. It is probably the first computational device for us humans. It was a counting device with beads. Numerous researchers from Harvard to China have studied the device called Abacus and established that students who use Abacus learn more than those using more modern approaches. David Barner, a UC San Diego psychologist, concludes from one of his studies that abacus training significantly boosts children’s math skills and its effects potentially last likely for decades.

Abacus and STEM – The Correlation

  • The use of the Abacus is an active, engaging process that makes performing mathematical calculations a matter of doing rather than learning.
  • Also, as previously explained,STEM-related subjects have Mathematics as their working base.Moreover, the STEM education program focuses on learning through doing since hands-on, real-life experiments form the core of STEM education.

Knowing that the core of the abacus i.e. mathematical calculations form the basis of STEM subjects and both Abacus as well as STEM are based on doing instead of learning, know how to make my kids better in STEM. it can safely be presumed that children who perform well in Abacus Maths are more likely to do exceptionally well in STEM.

The Takeaway

Learning Abacus Maths indispensable for being expeditious in performing mathematical calculations. The sooner a child starts learning the use Abacus, the more likely he is to outperform his counterparts in school as well as college when it comes to subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology. Therefore, enroll your kid in renowned Abacus math classes today for a brighter tomorrow.

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