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Is Abacus Useful?

 Benefits Of Learning Abacus

Even though the popularity and awareness of Abacus education programs have increased, we, at BYITC, still get queries like, Is Abacus useful. To counter this we educate parents on the benefits of the Abacus before discussing the training programs we offer.

If you are wondering is learning Abacus useful? You must know that this ancient calculating device has much usefulness. It helps your kids learn mathematical calculations quite easily. However, we also know how Abacus learning enhances the development of both the right and the left sides of the brain. Not only that, your child will develop utmost efficiency in studying as diligent abacus practice enhances one’s concentration and accuracy.

Some of the important benefits that amply answer the query is Abacus useful are:

Improves concentration:

Learning the intricacies of handling the Abacus in our Abacus learning programs, helps kids to concentrate better and solve mathematical calculations. Initially, they use the Abacus tool physically to carry out simple and complex calculations. Then they learn to use the finger technique and lastly the virtual Abacus. Thus, this important benefit easily answers the question Is Abacus useful.

Skills of observation and listening improve:

To answer your question is Abacus helpful? We must say that we also use such techniques as flashcard training. This important mental training technique aptly answers the query Is Abacus useful. As our students progress from the initial towards the more advanced levels, they develop the ability to process calculations just with a single glance or by listening to them only once. This improves their skills of observation and listening. Thus, the query Is Abacus useful becomes redundant as the parents witness these changes as they take place.

Better power to visualise and imagine:

The higher levels of all our Abacus-learning programs at BYITC, require students to put aside the physical tool and concentrate on imagining and visualising the same in their minds to solve mathematical problems.

Explaining the different levels of our Abacus

training program generally helps clear the query, Is Abacus useful. When we talk of our advanced students using the virtual Abacus to solve all types of maths problems, parents are generally in awe of the wonder that is known as the abacus.

Amplifying speed and accuracy:

If you wish to know is Abacus helpful? Rest assured! Abacus learning helps our students to be quick and accurate with solving maths problems. They are no longer dependent on calculators to solve maths problems. As the parents see this for themselves, they gain an answer to the query Is Abacus useful.

These are just a few benefits mentioned. We have found innumerable other positive changes taking place in kids that avail our abacus programs. Hence, if you want to know the answer to the query, Is Abacus useful, enrol them in our abacus learning programs and see your child improving his cognitive skills. Explore BYITC official website to know in detail about the Abacus training programme. We have the testimonials of our students and their proud parents available in our website. You can go through them to understand is learning Abacus useful for your child.


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