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Is Abacus Useful?

 Benefits Of Learning Abacus Even though the popularity and awareness of Abacus education programs have increased, we, at BYITC, still get queries like, Is Abacus useful. To counter this we educate parents on the benefits of the Abacus before discussing the training …

How to learn Abacus Maths

How to learn Abacus Maths?

If you are interested in understanding how to learn abacus maths, you should come to BYITC. We are not just an Abacus-training institute,we are innovators and educators who constantly keep trying to better our Abacus teaching methods to benefit your child. Thus, …


Best Abacus Maths Tutors

Teachers help develop a healthy interest in students by making learning fun and easy. Our Abacus maths tutors are trained to understand the varied needs of the students, develop a bond with them and then slowly introduce the concept of the Abacus …


How to use an Abacus?

Our years of Abacus teaching experience have taught us that initially teaching kids how to use an Abacus tool is extremely important. Consequently, now we start our Abacus learning programs by introducing the kids to the use of the tool. While the …

A Better Alternative To Grading Student Writing

Great writing starts at the beginning, whether with an idea or need or purpose of social context or spark of inspiration. Whatever it is that ’causes’ the writing to begin–what’s wrought there at the beginning is kind of like a lump of …

It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom

Limiting the craft of writing to a single content area has altered the landscape of students’ minds in ways that are only now being revealed as math teachers are told to teach writing. Students are now used to flinging rudimentary understandings on …

Back To School Social-Emotional Basics: Relationship, Rhythm, Release

As our elementary students head back to school in person, in this very new way, there will be many emotions stirred up in them. Alarm. Frustration. Worry. Excitement. And this will be mirrored by what we, as adults, may also be experiencing. …

Creating Students Who Solve Problems

  The next time you are teaching a lesson, count how many questions students are asked. When students are herded and corralled into the narrow chute of standardized testing, they are so heavily indoctrinated with fear of failure that only a fool …

The Long-Term Effects Of Remote Learning May Not Be All Bad

Because of COVID-19, school cafeterias, gyms, and playgrounds across the country sit silent. Ungraded papers and textbooks collect dust, and halls that once rang with student laughter are empty. And in the hope that the pandemic does not squash the ability to …


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