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Game-Based Learning

How Does Game-Based Learning Work?

With digitalization having penetrated all aspects of our lives, how could teaching have remained behind? With many schools exploring the transition to a digital curriculum, one of the solutions meant to take full advantage of the benefits of a digital curriculum is game-based learning. Simply put, game-based learning is an approach centered on the fact that games can be used as a tool for effective learning. A prominent example of learning and how effective it can be, is Abacus learning. In today’s internet age, Abacus learning has gone online, and with this, parents can now enroll their child in online Abacus Maths classes and can also make his Abacus Maths journey fun and full of joy by introducing him to an Abacus Maths learning app. Before we proceed any further, let us explore Is game based learning good for children.

How Game-based Abacus Maths application works?

The Human Brain and The Way Game-Based Learning Works

Essentially, the human brain trains itself on the principle of trial and error. Going through a cycle of repetition (of a task), failure, and accomplishment of the goal trains the mind to do better and better every time the task is performed. Game-based learning rests on this principle and applies this concept to teaching a curriculum. Just like playing a game, a student is made to work toward a goal, choosing actions and witnessing their consequences. Gradually, based on a trial and error approach, the student learns the right way to accomplish that goal. It involves the child in what is known as active learning instead of passive learning.

Why should we choose game-based learning over classroom or textbook learning?

  • The biggest reason for us to switch to game-based learning for teaching our kids is the phobia ingrained in almost every child’s psyche regarding failing in a public setting like a classroom. Games, in a way, provide kids with a safe environment for failure and accord them new chances to try out things differently.
  • Besides, games are known to aid in learning more than the rote memorization of textbooks as games keep people more engaged and motivate them to achieve more in games than in the real world. Is game based learning good for children? It is so because  learning requires a user to meet relatively simple conditions in return for attainable rewards. As the user progresses in the game, the conditions get more complicated and challenging. Accordingly, the rewards get bigger and bigger, thereby motivating the user to accomplish even tougher goals.

Make Math-learning more engaging for your child using a game-based learning approach

Abacus Maths is a proven and effective technique for learning and assimilating Math concepts seamlessly. If your child wonders about how to learn Abacus Maths and dreads the very idea of learning it, just because you’ve told him that doing so will help him perform lengthy mathematical calculations, you would be elated to know that the world’s first Abacus Maths Game-based learning application by BYITC can help transform your kid into a mathematics prodigy.

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