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Learning Abacus | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How Learning Abacus Helps Your Child Excel In STEM?

STEM, an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is an education program designed to educate kids through engagement in hands-on experiments and real-life experiences. The STEM-related subjects have Mathematics as their working base.The Abacus Maths classes are designed to help drastically …

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Game-Based Learning

How Does Game-Based Learning Work?

With digitalization having penetrated all aspects of our lives, how could teaching have remained behind? With many schools exploring the transition to a digital curriculum, one of the solutions meant to take full advantage of the benefits of a digital curriculum is …

Online abacus maths classes | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How To Learn Abacus Maths at Home?

Abacus: A historical context The word ‘Abacus’ is derived from the Latin word, ‘Abax’, which means ‘a flat surface.’ In olden times, an Abacus was a tool used to perform mathematical calculations by shifting pebbles on a flat surface. Learn Abacus Maths …

Learn Abacus online | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

Reasons why children should learn Abacus

Abacus has stellar benefits for children in terms of cognitive development. The age-old technique of performing calculations may look complex, on the face of it, but it is one of the simplest ways to get ahead of the competition. Today’s education system …

How to learn Abacus Maths | Byitcinternational

How to learn Abacus Maths?

 | If you are interested in understanding how to learn abacus maths, you should come to BYITC. We are not just an Abacus-training institute,we are innovators and educators who constantly keep trying to better our Abacus teaching methods to benefit your child. …


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