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How Long Does It Take to Learn Fluent Spoken English?

If you are planning to enrol your child in an English-speaking course for kids or feel they need to improve their English language skills, you are then probably curious about how much time it might take. Well, to cut to the chase, no instructor at any English-speaking classes in Agra can claim that your child will start speaking fluently in English within a month or two.  That’s because every child has his/her pace of learning and imbibing linguistics. It’s not something you can rush. Moreover, one’s language skills are determined by the level of practice. But, we can shed some light on a time frame standard for any learner. Firstly, enrolling in the best English-speaking course helps, but there are other factors involved. Learn more about Spoken English.

Spoken English

Ways to Get Fluent in Spoken English

These factors influence your child’s ability to gain fluency in spoken English. Let’s take a look. 

Is your child enrolled in a good spoken English course for kids?

This is the most essential part of learning English! You must get your child enrolled in a good and highly-revered English speaking classes in Hyderabad or Bangalore if you are based in any of these two cities, so they can guide you through the process. In Spoken English course, your child will learn the tricks of speaking and gaining confidence in the language.  What should they do and not do? What kind of effort should they need to put in? How are their existing skills in spoken English? Getting answers will help improve the learning abilities of your child and speed up the timeline.   Moreover, you also need to see the duration of the course. Most reputed English-speaking courses for kids go on for 5-6 months. Anything less than that will not be sufficient for children to learn and improve their fluency.     

How much time is your child spending on polishing the skills?

After the instructor has imparted the lesson, your child needs to practice at home. While learning the language, encourage your child to speak in English at home, read English books or hear audiobooks.  The more they engage with the language, it will enhance their skills. Some parents encourage their children to maintain a journal, penning down their thoughts. It can be quite beneficial in improving their overall language proficiency.   

Don’t fall for unrealistic promises made by course makers!

When searching for the best English-speaking course you will see multiple tempting advertisements. They will claim that your child will start speaking fluent English in a month or two. These are utter fallacies, as no one can guarantee that they can make a child learn and speak a new language in just a few weeks.  Not every child is the same, and they have their own learning pace. So, don’t fall for these unrealistic promises. Instead, you can look for an English-speaking course for kids trusted by parents. You have to look for the learning approach, the modules, the duration, and the care the institute take in teaching the child. 


On a concluding note, if you are searching for an English-speaking class in Hyderabad or Bangalore, check out the curriculum, offered by British Youth International College (BYITC). We have excellent English language courses for kids taught by trained and experienced professionals.

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