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How to use an Abacus?


How to use an Abacus?

Our years of Abacus teaching experience have taught us that initially teaching kids how to use an Abacustool is extremely important. Consequently, now we start our Abacus learning programs by introducing the kids to the use of the Abacus tool. While the Abacus itself is not very difficult to understand, the values of the beads and the procedures involved in knowing how to use an Abacusto perform the calculations are slightly complex. Hence, kids need to be taught the same patiently and repeatedly till they attain proficiency.

Need to learn abacus

When parents come to us to enquire about our abacus programs, along with briefing them about how to use an Abacus, we also educate them about the need for learning abacus. Some of the benefits of learning abacus are:

• Enhancement of skills of learning, visualisation and imagination
• Gaining a photographic memory,
• Increasing speed, concentration and accuracy
• Improving cognitive skills and cerebral construction etc
• Enhanced calculation ability and speed

We teach kids how to use an Abacusby making use of a learning process that is fundamental and systematic. Initially, they are taught to feel the Abacus tool with their fingers and make the required moves. Later on, they are taught to use the Virtual Abacus which is available at our in-house developed Abacus Teaching Web-application. This stage of how to use an abacusprogram stimulates total brain development and boosts memory retentiveness.

Additionally, with an improvement in the kid’s brain functioning and cognitive skills, their confidence and self-esteem also increase. This helps them throughout their life.

Time taken to attain proficiency

Our courses are generally divided into different modules with certificates presented to the kids after the successful completion of each module. We have seen that for a kid to become proficient in understanding how to use an abacus for large calculations and complete all levels,a time of about 2 years is required. Thus, we believe in requesting parents to bring in their kids at a young age. We feel any kid who is capable of counting from 1 to 100 should enrol in our Abacus learning programs. We, at BYITC, prefer taking students from the age of 4 till the age of 13. However, we put them in different programs based on their age and brain development where they easily learn that how to use Abacus efficiently

Our experience with teaching Abacus for the past years has taught us that early childhood is a crucial time for brain development. By enrolling kids in our Abacusprograms parents help them in attaining mathematical and cognitive skills from a very young age. Kids also lose their fear of numbers and embrace mathematics with a zest rarely seen in kids undergoing the traditional maths learning methods.

So if you want to ensure the best for your kids, enrol them in our Abacus learning programs and see them flourish in every field of education!

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