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Abacus Maths

Enhancing Brain Function and Memory with the Abacus Mental Maths

Is your child struggling with academics, especially mathematics? Want to boost your child’s memory and brain function? In that case, enrolling them in the online abacus classes can be an excellent option. If you are wondering what is abacus? Well, it is a centuries-old tool that helps in performing different mathematical calculations accurately and efficiently. It not only improves the mathematical skills of children, but it also enhances memory and brain function.Abacus mental maths is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in your child’s academic journey.

So, enrolling your children in the abacus classes can be extremely beneficial. Regardless of the abacus online classes fees, consider enrolling your children to enhance their mathematical skills. In this blog, you will learn how abacus mental maths can improve brain function and memory. Let us dive in!

Abacus Mental Maths

  • Encourages the Use of the Right Brain

In fact, the brain consists of the left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere focuses on specific tasks. While the left hemisphere is responsible for analysing information, the right hemisphere focuses on creative thinking, concentration, and visualisation. Abacus proves to be effective in training the right brain.

During the abacus courses, the children learn to imagine the abacus in their minds and solve problems. As a result, it helps in enhancing the visualisation and imagination skills, allowing them to be more creative.

  • Improves Analytical Skills

Analysing and structuring problems  is an important function of the brain. When your child learns what is abacus and how to use the Abacus tool, it assists them in improving their analytical skills. In the abacus classes, children learn to solve simple and complex mathematical problems using different formulas. As a result, they learn to determine and visualise the right formula to use. It automatically helps in building their analytical skills. Gradually, they will be able to use these skills in real-life situations and solve problems better.

  • Strengthens Memory

During abacus training, children are required to memorise the abacus and various other images to solve problems. They visualise the beads and recite them in their minds. It helps in amplifying their numeric memory and improving their photographic memory. With continuous practice, your children become proficient in memorising things what they see. It strengthens their memory and enables them to grasp things better and faster.

  • Improves Concentration

Many children find it difficult to concentrate on their studies for an extended period. If you want to enhance the concentration ability of your children, providing them with abacus training can help. When they learn to use the abacus for solving different mathematical calculations, they need to concentrate on the beads. Once they master the use of the abacus,they will automatically learn to ignore the distractions around them and focus on the task on which they are working. This helps in boosting their concentration skills and ensures better outcomes.


In addition, learning the abacus can also improve the observation skills of children. Now that you understand how the abacus can enhance brain function and memory, it is time to enrol your child in abacus classes. Are you searching for top-notch online abacus classes? If yes, BYITC can be the right option. Connect with the professionals and discuss the abacus online classes fees.

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