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Abacus Classes Near Me | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How can Abacus Classes unlock counting brilliance at your fingertips?

In a world dominated by technology and instant access to information, the significance of mental maths skills often takes a back seat. However, at British Youth International College, we understand that fostering a strong foundation in mathematics is crucial for overall cognitive …

How to Provide Game-Based Abacus Maths Learning in Your Existing Tuition Center? | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How to Provide Game-Based Abacus Learning in Your Existing Tuition Center?

From Generation X to Generation Z, the world has seen drastic changes in learning models. Schools and institutions shifted from generic in-class theory to a more applied approach. Employing smart classes and audio-visual aids became standard practice as we hit the latter …

Future Career with Abacus Maths | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How does Abacus Help Children do Better in Future Career Endeavours?

In this ever-changing world, enhancing our children’s capabilities and making them future-ready is the only way to lead them towards a bright and successful future. Gone are those days when students only had a few future career options and could only select …

Game-based Abacus Learning | byitcinternational
Game-Based Learning

What is the Impact of Digital Game-based Abacus Learning on Students’ Performance?

The modern education system incorporates cutting-edge tools and techniques to enhance learning and performance. However, students can make the most of these innovations only when they have foundational skills like mental mathematics. Students who can quickly compute mathematical solutions can demonstrate excellent …

Abacus at home | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

How can Abacus be Taught at Home?

In ancient times, when calculators and computers were not there, people used pebbles for calculation. Over the time, the ways of calculation evolved. Eventually, Abacus came into existence. It is an ancient calculation tool that uses movable beads build in a frame …

What is Abacus? | Byitcinternational
Abacus Maths

What is Abacus?

We know, after careful scientific research, that the helps to enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. While understanding what is Abacus is quite simple, to maximise its utility, students need to enrol in our training classes. In answer to the question …


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