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How to Improve Your English Accent and Pronounciation?

English speaking is not just about sound vocabulary and grammar; it is more about the right pronunciation and a good accent. Know How to Speak with Correct Accent. Many tests require you to pass as a native speaker of English, for which you need to figure out ways and learn methods to improve English speaking skills, especially your pronunciation and accent. For this, enrolling in an English speaking course for beginners can be of practical importance. However, if you would like to kickstart your English accent and pronunciation improvement journey at home, you have landed at the right spot. Getting the accent of a foreign language right is a bit tricky, but by regularly practising the following steps, you’ll likely get around with it sooner than you think.

Improve Your English

  • Listen
    For getting the right pronunciation and accent, listening is the key. In today’s internet age, there is no dearth of audio material whatsoever. Podcasts, audio snippets, short audio tracks, etc. – consume a lot of quality audio content through your ear as frequently as possible to drastically improve your level of comprehension. It is a great exercise to acclimatize yourself to the correct way of pronouncing words.
  • Learn phonetics
    Most often, untrained ears are the root cause of poor English pronunciation and accent since they are unable to grasp the right pronunciation of words and differentiate sounds that seem similar. To deal with this, one needs to juxtapose learning the phonetics of the English language and training one’s ear for familiarity with the native pronunciation of English words.

Phonetics essentially deals with the range of sounds occurring in speech, and pronunciation is the sequence of sounds used in speaking a given word. The two are closely intertwined. Familiarizing yourself with the phonetic alphabet will help you identify the sounds of the English language. Tuning your ears to recognize the native sounds of words is another important exercise that needs to be regularly carried out to improve your accent.

  • Record your voice
    One of the best ways to know your flaws and thus find out which areas you need to work on, is introspection (not philosophically, but literally). For improving your accent and pronunciation, introspection implies recording your voice while speaking English and then carefully listening to the recording. If you patiently observe each word you spoke, you will be able to figure out some or many words that you tend to mispronounce often.
  • Practise often and, if necessary, enrol yourself in the best English speaking course
    Learning a new skill or honing an existing one demands the three Ps, i.e. practice, perseverance, and patience. For the best results, make your accent training sessions more frequent. Listen to audio snippets, read out aloud, record your voice, listen to your recordings and, most importantly, analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, work towards reinforcement of your strengths and amelioration of your weaknesses.

Besides, if need be, you can always opt for a comprehensive English speaking course that focuses on accent and pronunciation too. Although the right approach toward such courses is to undertake them right from your childhood as that gives you ample time to acquaint yourself with the language and mould your accent and pronunciation according to the native speakers. If you are looking to improve your child’s accent, before you learn how to speak with correct accent, you may search for a good English speaking course for kids. To receive the best training in the nuances of English speaking, you must opt for courses offered by an organization of repute, such as BYITC, a platform that extends dynamic online tutoring programs for children of all age groups.

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