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How to Speak English with Fluency and Confidence?

Before embarking on the journey to improve your fluency in English, you must understand what fluency entails because fluency is perhaps the most misconstrued term in languages. Usually, one who doesn’t pause, repeat, or speaks too slowly is considered fluent. However, this does not, at all, imply that the person speaks the language in a grammatically correct manner. Therefore, it can safely be deduced that to be fluent in English means to be able to use the language correctly and at the same time speak without taking too long to produce sentences. For achieving this, one needs to practice and train, the wisest step for which is to go in for the best English speaking course available. However, in this article, we highlight three of the most effective means to know how to speak English with fluency and build confidence.

How to speak English with fluency

Gain fluency and confidence in English; Here’s how

  1. Set small but specific goals – In the holistic sense, fluency is too big a goal to be achieved overnight. know how to speak English with fluency, To constantly improve your fluency in English, you will have to break this big (and also vague) goal of becoming fluent in English into smaller, specific and achievable goals. Some common examples of such goals are:-
  • Learning three new English words each day along with their usage in sentences.
  • Engaging in a short and crisp conversation with a native English speaker each weekend.
  • Watching an English movie without subtitles and trying to comprehend what the actors speak.

Viewed in isolation, each such goal might seem petty. However, achieving the bigger goal of becoming fluent in English is the cumulative result of accomplishing such small goals.

  1. Start thinking in English – We always think in our native language. Thoughts naturally come to us in our mother tongue – that’s the way Mother Nature has wired us all. However, it is not something that can never be changed. One can rewire one’s brain to start thinking in a foreign language (English, in this case). Technically, fluency is the time one takes to think (in a certain language), translate it into the target language, and finally speak out. The longer this time duration, the less fluent one is. This time duration can be shortened (i.e. fluency can be improved) by starting thinking in English.
  2. Stay calm, speak thoughtfully – A calmer mind is more productive than an agitated one. The urge to rush into giving a response often leads to chaos inside one’s mind – a state that is counter-productive to improving fluency. Therefore, the best is to calm your mind down, slow your speech a little, and let yourself have the time and opportunity to find the right words – thoughtful speech is what it is called.

The Conclusion

Speaking English fluently has nowadays become indispensable for everyone – graduates, job seekers, interviewees, homemakers, etc. If you’re one of the aforementioned and are tired of Google searching “Best Spoken English Classes Near Me”, but to no avail, you should look up the English-speaking courses offered by BYITC. Offering the most effective spoken English classes for adults 18 years and above, BYITC, as a tutoring platform, is a class apart. Enroll in BYITC’s spoken English classes and witness radical improvement in your fluency and confidence.

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