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The Remarkable Benefits of Homeschooling

There is no denying that parents nowadays are more educated than ever. They are capable enough to teach their kids values and lessons taught at school. The conventional idea of schools is left far behind, and homeschooling is gaining momentum with each passing day. Benefits of Homeschooling for Kids, Over the past three years, It has increased by 40%.  Why? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling advantages include

Academic flexibility

Schools don’t offer education for kids separately who have different intellectual levels. However, homeschooling can work for kids irrespective of whether they are creative, strong-willed, ahead, behind, challenging, gifted, quiet or active.

Better environment from the health perspective

In homeschooling, you can prioritize your kid’s emotional, mental, physical and behavioural health.

Parental control of curriculum

Believe it or not, family is the foundation for social development, and when you choose to homeschool, you can be in charge of your kid’s schedule, curriculum, grade level, learning approach and other extracurricular requirements.

Community involvement

When kids are homeschooled, they can get generous time for community activities, service, volunteering and entrepreneurship.

Efficient learning

Homeschooling invariably and implicitly means a low student-teacher ratio, which leads to efficient learning.

Game-changing subjects for homeschooling


Remember when maths used to be your ultimate nightmare? Do you want your kid to get better at Math while bolstering their cognitive abilities? Abacus is your answer. As per recent surveys, Abacus is known to make students more fluent in mathematical calculations while improving their concentration power. With abacus skills, kids can improve their performance. They can achieve high calculation speed with accuracy. In addition, the ingenious abacus techniques can bolster observation power and develop great visualization abilities.


Coding in home school teaches the necessary vocational skills that are immediately relevant in today’s job market. Having ample coding knowledge can allow kids to understand the world better and improve problem-solving abilities with persistence. Coding is satisfying for improving the creativity level while targeting crucial areas of maths, project-based learning and more.


English, on the other hand, is a global language. With the right phonetic skills and ample vocab knowledge, your kids can also understand other subjects better without any setbacks. If your kid has proficient English knowledge, it can promote a smooth transition between home and college.

Want to hone the skills of your young prodigy?

BYITC International can be your one-stop solution. One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is that it allows for more personalized education. With comprehensive course modules that are designed to suit the individual needs of every growing talent, BYITC has brought structured courses for Abacus, English and Coding. The curriculum is focused on enhancing the holistic knowledge of the three subjects while instilling confidence in young minds.

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