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Online Teaching: A Rewarding Career for Women

Is online teaching really worth it and any better for women?  With increasing Ed-Techs the demand for teachers is also increasing day by day. 100% women educators in an organisation is as rare as hen’s teeth. British Youth International college handpicks the best  teaching staff and all are women! It’s quite refreshing because even today various industries are still male dominated however things have changed and they will continue to. Online teaching has provided great opportunities to women all over the globe but why are women getting attracted towards this profession more than men? Let’s try to understand through some of the factors mentioned below.

A Sense of Fulfilment –This profession is not confined to conventional teaching, it’s more to it. Through online teaching educators have become creative. Using animations, different techniques, where punishment is not an option. It brings a lot of challenges to make the class interesting. It has also improved the technical skills of teachers. It’s the teacher’s job to make the session more interactive. The job requirements are more focused on skills and competence.

Teach Anywhere Anytime– The second pointer is about the freedom to choose their work timings. Online teaching has also introduced teaching without geographical barriers. There are a lot of companies that permit teachers from various countries to teach students from abroad in different time zones which allows the teachers to impart their knowledge to students beyond borders.

Work Satisfaction – Women are usually multi-taskers and they happen to take care of different things altogether, that being so online teaching has provided them this liberty that they can achieve this. Of course, financial independence and earning is based on the company payment structures and their work.

Abundance of Opportunity   Online teaching has created employability for a lot of people but mostly these companies are women centric. They also welcome Moms with good teaching abilities. They also hire people who are creative, seeking a career after a sabbatical and happen to have related skills. Lot of good companies have a good eye for talent and offer them a good teaching position. This not only motivates them to reach for the stars but also they are more self assured.

Less office shenanigans – Teachers who teach online spend most of their time teaching and recording students progress which is ultimately delivered to parents. This leaves no time for unnecessary drama and gossip. It’s a room of fresh air.

A Penny Saved is a Penny EarnedOnline teaching is fairly economical. No hassle of everyday commuting, ultimately one saves money there. The classes are online and less requirement of a stacked up wardrobe. No wonder that a lot of us like to shop but selecting what to wear everyday to office is a brain teaser. With sessions being online, all you need is good lighting, a laptop, a decent dressing, and good internet connectivity.

Succinctly, online teaching is quite rewarding in many ways and it takes a  lot of effort and patience. At BYITC, we provide ample training opportunities to teachers, motivate them, and equip them with all the necessary tools to impart next-level education to children.

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