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How to Identify Profitable Franchise Businesses?

In today’s time when inflation rates are striking a new high every day, starting a business from scratch can prove to be a lavish undertaking. This makes the franchise businesses the most viable option for people looking to set up their business venture. As such, an education institute franchise business proves to be highly rewarding as it requires minimal investment and has the potential to offer huge profits right from the beginning. However, finding the best options to acquire the franchise of an educational institute can be a bit challenging. To ease things for you, we’ve put together some of the most important points to consider before entering the franchise business.

Profitable Franchise Businesses – Identifying the right opportunity

To tap into the vast potential of the education franchise businesses in India, thoroughly ponder over the following terms:-

Know yourself

– Take a deep breath, ask yourself the following questions, and try answering them with honesty. 

  • How much capital can I invest in the franchise business?

Knowing this will help you draw a more realistic picture of which brand you could invest in. Keep in mind that the first few months may witness little to no returns at all. Not all franchise brands start earning you profits the day you start.

  • What are you good at?

Before entering the franchise business in a particular education niche, try to know about the courses and programmes it provides. Try figuring out whether you’ll be good at managing and delivering those programmes or not.

Support offered

Find out about the support the franchisor would be willing to extend to help you succeed. Get to know the resources they would provide you with. A reliable franchisor will assist you in areas such as recruitment, marketing, and customer acquisition.


Renowned and trusted franchisors provide comprehensive documentation to their potential franchisees. Proper documentation should include manuals for training, operations, and procedures, advertising assistance, and collateral related to marketing campaigns.

Franchisor’s pitch

See what the franchisor pitches – from their sales figures to the kind of benefits they promise.


To analyse the overall growth of a franchise, and find out the number of units the brand has built in recent years. Factor in how many were lost. Try acquiring their sales per unit figure and check out their annual revenue.

Choose a franchise that offers you liberty and flexibility

A well-established brand that accords you the flexibility to run multiple programmes under its franchise is worth investing in. In India, there are not many education institute franchise providers which extend such liberty to their franchise partners. However, British Youth International College is perhaps the only brand that does not just offer the best Abacus franchise in India but also lets its franchise partners run additional courses like English Program, Coding, and Cyber Security under the franchise. So, those of you looking for the best abacus franchise in India to partner with, get in touch with BYITC International and enjoy great profits on your investment.

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