Abacus maths teacher training program

For teachers who plan to deliver Abacus maths online classes to kids, an online Abacus maths teacher training program would certainly be helpful. Lately, an increasing number of parents and schools are trying to teach kids to use an abacus for calculations due to the various benefits it has on children’s cognitive skills. However, finding well-trained teachers for Abacus is often a hassle.

This is primarily because not every school includes Abacus in their curriculum and teachers often lack the skills for teaching it. In other cases, there are individuals who possess adequate knowledge regarding Abacus but aren’t qualified as teachers. Either way, the demand for Abacus teachers by far exceeds their availability. The opportunities are plenty for individuals who receive training to be an Abacus teacher.

How can you get trained to be an Abacus teacher?

Various institutions offer training programs for teaching Abacus. As long as you choose one of the leading institutions, you would able to receive all the necessary training. It is particularly advisable to enrol for a training course in an institute that also offers Abacus courses for children. Such institutes often require their teachers to undergo comprehensive training courses

Quite naturally, a reputed institution would try to uphold its track record by ensuring that its faculty is adequately. trained. To achieve this, they pay close attention to their teacher training programs. Thus, you might want to look for an institute that offers Abacus maths E-Learning courses for children as well as training for teachers.

Added Benefits of Abacus maths teacher training program

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Benefits of Abacus Maths online classes

The Abacus Maths E-Llearning Software, like the one by British Youth International College BYITC International, enable kids to develop far better memory, analysis skills, concentration, visualization and control over senses than other average kids of their age. Abacus Maths E-Learning benefits the students and the teacher alike:

The kids get instant test results for assignments

All their homework and classwork can be accessed in a single portal

Weekly reports provide parents with updates on progress made by the children

Teachers can assess their students quickly

Homework corrections and evaluation based on that

Automated report cards for individual student and for teachers to use

Great visuals and animations that help drive the point easily

Pre-E-scheduled assignment allocation

Auto evaluation of the students’ assignments

When kids can do complex calculations in their minds itself, they don’t just get better at mathematics alone, their ability to process information, take decision, evaluate the situation expands beyond the capacities of a normal child. They become an intelligent adult, capable of handling the most difficult situation that life can throw at them.

It has been proven through science that Abacus mental arithmetic enable the children to utilize the unused right side of their brain thus, giving them an edge over others with just half hour of daily practice. Your child can develop numerous abilities that other kids miss out through Abacus Maths E-Learning. All you need to do is point them in the right direction and who knows your child might become a prodigy.