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Our Abacus Classes near you offer a transformative learning experience for your child. Join the community of parents committed to providing their children with the best foundation in mathematics.

At BYITC, it’s beyond just Abacus Maths or Mental Math – it’s about shaping a comprehensive academic journey.
Our abacus training transcends traditional maths learning, fostering improved abilities that reflect in your child’s overall academic performance.


Introducing Abacus Classes Near Me: Abacus Maths Program meticulously crafted for children aged 6 to 14 years! Designed to ignite a child’s interest in mathematics and cultivate expertise in mental maths at an exceptional speed. Our specialised program goes beyond conventional teaching methods, making maths not just a subject but a fascinating journey for young minds.

Our strength is hidden in our state-of-the-art Abacus learning App and concepts to help children as young as 4 years old to learn the techniques of Abacus Maths with ease.

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Revolutionising the way students master abacus maths, this innovative platform offers a convenient and effective approach to learning, ensuring an engaging educational experience for learners of all ages.
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Exceeding Parental Expectations: BYITC, Your Premier Destination for Advanced Abacus Learning. Tailored to School Methods, Offering Both Conventional and Online Classes for Optimal Training Outcomes.

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Abacus Course Structure

Abacus Mastery Unveiled: Our Syllabus Introduces the Abacus Tool and Fundamental Concepts, Progressing Seamlessly from Basic Operations to Advanced Skills.

  • There are two tracks of the course
  • Junior Track – Junior Track has 11 Levels.
  • Senior Track- Senior Track has 8 Levels.

At BYITC Academy, our child-friendly ABACUS Maths syllabus introduces young learners to the Abacus tool and the underlying mental theory concepts.

Starting with finger theory, progressing to hands-on abacus training, and finally mastering mental calculations, each level spans a minimum of 12 weeks.

Our adaptable approach ensures that the duration may vary based on the pupil’s comfort and proficiency at each level. Join us for a progressive journey in mastering ABACUS Maths!